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It has been another great week remembering all the now vintage things (scary!) we loved when we were young!  All the photos were posted on our Your Vintage Life Facebook page and you guys shared your memories and added some great comments.

Who remembers having the Sindy bedroom set in the 70s? We did at YVL and loved our Sindy and her white and gold bling bedroom!  Never quite got the dream house we wanted though for Christmas… She was so much more wholesome (and British) than Barbie!


Did you watch Rentaghost in the 80s?  It was crazy but it certainly made us laugh.  We remembered The Meakers, Mr Claypole, Hazel McWitch, Madam Popov and the pantomime horse… You all loved Mr Claypole –  a proper zany British icon!


Good old Etch-a-Sketch.  Iconic due to its distinctive look and mentions in films such as Toy Story.  Mr YVL Jnr, Herbie has a retro one and they are really hard to make a picture on (unless you’re a kid)!  Ah well just shake it and start again!!!


Remember eating Toffos? They were moreish in their chunky tube with their individual little wrappers but they did stick your teeth together!  Original toffee or fruit flavours – pineapple or banana toffee anyone?


Who loved a ‘Cherry B’ cherry wine? How grown up did you feel if you were allowed some with lemonade at a family party or at Christmas?!? We had some again recently and it’s still really nice!  One to keep on the Christmas shopping list we think…


Now come on ladies, hand up who literally fell in love with Danny Zuko in 1978 singing in Grease. We at YVL loved him even though we were far too young for a bad boy in a leather jacket.  Those blue eyes still make us melt! 



Another week of smiles and new recollections.  For more nostalgia make sure to check our Facebook page at 12pm every day – we just love reading your comments and remembering the things we’d forgotten!  ‘Like’ our page for lots more vintage inspiration or follow us on Pinterest or Instagram.


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