Making Vintage Your Business: Reviewing Your Year

Christmas is nearly here and if you are like me, it’s time to start thinking and planning the year ahead. But before you do this, pause a minute to reflect on the year that has just gone.

If you wrote a business strategy at the start of the year, then now is the time to dig it out (hopefully not for the first time since last January!) and see if you managed to achieve any of your plans.


If you didn’t put pen to paper, it is still a great opportunity to reflect as I bet you have achieved tonnes without you even knowing it.


Maybe you have started to sell at fairs…what have you learnt along the way? Which ones were good for you and which weren’t? Why do you think that was – then take notes so that next year will be even better.


Were you on social network sites last year? How are your numbers i.e. your followers looking? More than you wanted? Less? How has this worked out for you; maybe you get more sales now through Facebook or feel you are part of a business community on Twitter. Have your photographs got better on Instagram. All are successes and are helping to drive your brand forward.

Look at your figures for the year to see which months were good and which were not. Ask yourself why, so you do something differently next year or simply accept that August is bad online and plan a holiday next year!

Maybe you weren’t even in business this time last year? Then this is definitely the time to reflect and raise a glass to yourself. You have driven a business from nothing and now you have customers/sales/website etc and you did it all!!

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It’s so easy to just work, work, work especially when you are your own boss but with Christmas approaching, look back and celebrate the year you’ve had! And if you blog..go tell everyone about it!!

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