Do you Remember?

It has been another great week looking back to the past and remembering! All images were posted on Facebook and you guys shared your memories and added some great comments.

Global Hypercolour T-shirts – I remembered I had a baggy slightly cropped one in the early and match my sneakers.  Yes they were a bit rubbish and showed how sweaty you were but we were raving and didn’t care!  Many of you were teenagers in the early 90’s too and team them with wide flared jeans or dyed dungarees, Wallabee shoes and strings of ethnic beads.

Half pennies – Along with the pound note this made a lot of you remember your childhood.  Getting pocket money and putting coins on your purse and them spending them on sweets.  Imagine today getting 2 sweets in return for such a little coin now!  Mojos – a penny mix staple!

Kissing potion – Ok, it was a sticky roll on lip gloss that smelt more than it tasted but we wanted to believe it would get us kisses.  Many remembered going to the local Chemist to buy stuff like this.  Strangely enough it didn’t seem to work for anyone though!

Clarks shoes – We all hated getting them back in day as it meant the summer holidays were over and our feet would be strapped into that medieval looking measuring board but I personally I love them now as do you….adorable.

Roller Boots – Me, it was about our roller disco and remembering going round and round and round listening to Tainted Love by Soft Cell.  Those were the days!

Athena –  I remembered how loved the posters and even featured them in my book!  Remember the naked torso man holding the baby, the airbrushed 80s images, the tennis girl…?  You remembered buying postcards to put in clip-frames and generally what a what a wonderful and much missed shop it was.

Another great week of memories and smiles caused by your recollections.  For more nostalgia make sure to check our Facebook page at 12pm every day – we love reading your comments!


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