How To Choose The Perfect Maxi Dress This Summer

The last thing you want to deal with on a hot summer’s day is heavy, restrictive clothing. Shorts and t-shirts are so not me and sometimes, a girl needs a bit of pzazz even on a hot summer’s day. Enter the maxi dress, in its soft, stylish, comfortable glory.

Which maxi dress style should you choose?




Maxi dresses, particularly those on the bolder side of the print scale, have a way of being very flattering, and help to make your legs look longer – all the more so if it’s worn with heels or wedges! A maxi dress in a wrap style is equally flattering, as it highlights the neckline with its iconic V-neck, and defines the waist through its natural tuck.


A shorter maxi dress, also sometimes known as a midi, is easy to pair with most types of shoes. Whether you prefer low dress heels, wedges, trainers, or sandals, anything goes, as long as it’s comfortable. Of course you would need to bear the overall look you’re trying to create in mind, but in terms of shoe type, you are pretty much safe no matter what you choose.


When you are picking the perfect plus size maxi dress, you would, of course, be well advised to try it on before buying it. Online shopping poses a bit of a challenge on this front, but you can get around this obstacle by ordering a few in different sizes, trying them on, and sending the ones that don’t fit properly, back for a refund. Easy! Make sure that you give yourself options when it comes to the actual shape of the dress – you want something flattering on your body type.


Some say that certain styles get their best wear out of certain age groups but you know me – I say wear what you want! However extremely ladylike styles tend to be more successful on women over 30, as the style often requires a sense of maturity to pull it off properly. Frilly, floaty, ruffly styles that are associated with the ballerina look work very well on a younger wearer.


There are some fabulous vintage maxi dresses out there – the late 1960s and 1970s was the time of long floaty dresses. I have loads and find them so comfortable (and forgiving)! Look out for bold prints and huge sleeves then team them up with a cute vintage bag and clogs!


But no matter what age you are, the primary consideration of any new dress is always to ensure that your physical build, lifestyle, and dress style are included in your final choice. If these boxes are ticked, you are well on your way to purchasing an item that it sure to become a well-worn wardrobe staple.


While maxi dresses are known for being very forgiving, regardless of the wearer’s choice of shoes, you should take how long the dress is, how tall you are, and the purpose or occasion you are dressing for, into account. Sandals, ankle-height boots and other flat shoes create a casual look in the daytime, while heels or wedges are the perfect shoes to elevate your look into something more sophisticated for the nighttime. Wedges have the secondary benefit of giving those of shorter stature a bit of a lift, preventing unwanted tripping over your hem, or simply to achieve a better look from a long dress.


Are you a fan of the maxi dress? Here is my favourite maxi dress that I own.


How To Choose The Perfect Maxi Dress This Summer


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