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This week we have bought some great vintage/retro children’s toys. We, at Your Vintage Life absolutely LOVE old toys and our poor children are continually bought them.

Thankfully for us, we have a vintage business where we also sell these toys, so our children’s playroom does have some floor space visible (just)!

Here are the highlights of this weeks buying.

The first is a 1960s tin globe. I had a smaller one as a child which we used to sit for hours looking at far off lands. This was from a car boot sale where I saw a customer holding it and asking the seller “How Much?”. I stood behind, waiting patiently hoping she would put it down..which she did.

Herbie loves it, and at just 4 years old is now learning where all the countries are. He now knows where England is, Spain is (where Nanny goes on holiday), Italy is (where pizza is from), that the north pole is nearer to us than the south pole, Australia is far away and is where kangaroos are from and finally that Japan is where ninjas come from!! So I am so happy as he is learning from this retro piece.

We havent pointed out that USSR and Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore…we will leave this for another day!

The flags are around the base which is also fascinating him.

So this one’s a keeper!

The we bought a 1980s Fisher Price cot activity centre. It is designed to tie onto a cot so baby can be stimulated.

Both Herbie and Kitty have had these in their cots, and Kitty still enjoys playing with it now.


Like all Fisher Price toys, it’s dates to the early 80s. 1970s ones are also available. This one is in lovely condition with no rips on the stickers and the colours still vibrant.

This one will be for sale tomorrow.

Then earlier in the week, we bought a Mouse Trap game. We patiently set it all up (I had forgotten how hard this part was) and watched Herbie set off the marble to catch the mouse. One flick of the board then the whole thing goes wrong…..very frustrating. This one is a keeper also and will be played for years to come.

The finally, we bought a Fisher Price zoo. It comes with animals, a monkey house as well as a car with a trailer behind for all the people to view the scene.

This one is also in very good condition with only a few pieces missing. It was in its original box too which is rare. This ones for sale also (we already have one in our collection!!!)



Check out all our vintage toys and other bits for Your Vintage Playroom online here. Sneak a peek at our childrens playroom here.



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