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I love my books. I have so many that some I havent even looked through for years. Last weekend I stumbled across an amazing book of Vogue covers dating back to 1909.

My grandma bought this book for my mum, probably over 25 years ago. It is called The Art of Vogue Covers by William Packer and has some of the best images of vintage fashion I have ever seen. I can’t quite believe this has been on my book shelves for this long without me discovering its beauty.

The 1920s and 30s were an amazing time for fashion especially for women. They cut their hair short, wore slinky clothes, shortened their hems, enjoyed a new found freedom of partying, dancing and drinking. It was a time of boom, and colour, and without a doubt, style.

Here are some of my favourite covers.

New year edition from 1927. A huge fur-lined floral coat with polka dot skull cap hat. Drawn by George Plank and is described as his simplest cover. Totally stunning.

Great autumnal look from 1928. She stands proud in her charcoal grey fur lined coat and blue clutch bag in front of the most amazing car. I love her hat, of course matching her coat.

Great art deco styling from 1929. The images are so strong with vibrant bright colours. Both images are by Benito, the right hand side is a swimming cap, the left is an autumnal hat clearly mirroring the look.

A summer look now from August 1926. Her hat is wide instead of the usual skull caps, with a band that matched her dress. She stares straight at us drinking her large pink drink.

Midsummer fashions from 1928. Her consertina pleated sleeves are totally on trend today and remind me of the blouse worn on our front page of our eBay shop and ASOS boutique. Her wide brim hat, gloves and long pearls complete the look.

When you think of 1920s fashion you think of the fringed dress. Here, in 1926 this lady rocks it, with piano shawl, high arm cuff and pearls. Probably on a cruise, the Vogue lettering is made up from the stars. Gorgeous.

2 party looks from 1925. The red striped on the left is very burlesque with her large feather fan. Her nude coloured dress is stunning with her large shadow behind giving her great presence.

From 1938 the cover has a tall lady wearing an unusual quilted dress with nipped in waist. Interestingly by the late 30s the hem lengths have dropped. With her large brimmed straw hat she stares out to sea. The cover on the left is for the coronation of George VI.

I’m sure you will agree they are magnificent. There are so many more…..

Credit of course goes to William Packer and Octupus book for writing and revealing these amazing covers. Credit should also go to the artists, some known, some not, who captured the beauty and style of the period so well.


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  1. 9 November 2011 / 9:58 am

    Ah! They are truly wonderful aren’t they? I love the Art Deco period and those stylized images really are divine. Thanks for sharing your book treasure. 🙂

  2. 9 November 2011 / 10:03 am

    Yes they are gorgeous….I wish we all dressed so beautifully now. The picture of the grey coat is the look i go for all winter…tight waisted coat, matching beret, black opaques! I dont have a car like hers though!!!

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