Styling Tips: 20 awesome front doors.

Nothing finishes your home like a wonderful front door. Whether your style is modern, vintage, or somewhere in between you will love some of my favourite choices here.

Styling Tip, 20 awesome front doors on Kate

But first my own door. We  bought this 1930s door locally and fell in love with its oval glass panel and architrave edging. I wanted a coral door to stand out against the cream brick work and to almost hint to any visitor of the decor inside. The paint was from Valspar at B&Q, where you can also make your own colour.

Valspar paint - coral as featured on Kate

My favourite front door is one painted in a bright colour that simply pops out at you as you walk down the street. I reckon you all do as my Instagram feed is full of wonderful images of coloured front doors. This yellow one looks great against the white cladding. I also love how the stair risers are white too, making that yellow even brighter.


Whereas the door above is probably modern, a painted traditional old door also looks great. I love that this is a lemon colour which again looks great against the white. I love how they have painted the porch area a different colour so again it has a real stand out. Adding a chair to sit on adds another traditional feel.

Custom Home Built By SFH

Whereas I am not sure about having this amount of glass in your front door, I love how the view inside is a lovely chandelier. They’ve painted the roof of the porch in the same mint green which helps draw you into the entrance.

Queen Anne Bungalow Resurrection

This bright blue is gorgeous and I love how they’ve picked up the same colour on the upstairs shutters. They have chosen to hang the door number on the post rather than the door, so nothing is distracting from the amazing colour.

Front Doors

This door is larger than usual and in a dark wood. I love how there are many windows and that they have chosen a dark stain to add warmth against the stone. The dog is pretty cute too!

Huntington Beach

This pale blue door is amazing, and the home owner has used the same colour on the over sized exposed eaves. Adding a similar shade of mosaic to the stair riser is also wonderful….I could easily live here!

Front Doors
Now this is a really modern look with a lot of glass, but I really like the oversized number above and the curved porchway. This shouts elegance and city dwelling to me.

FORMA Design

A white door can often look boring but I love how they have added a window either side of the door at the same top level creating a symmetrical, smart look. This is another great example of using the same material for the steps, wall and path which makes the door really stand out.

Lake Keowee: Smith Private Residence

A Victorian house always looks amazing with a black door, and with the addition of a tiled floor and matching black planters, this home looks smart – you just know it will be amazing inside don’t you?

Cleeves House

Now this is a door and a half, literally! Yes, most of you won’t have the space for a door like this but it is one to consider if you do! The red colour gives it even more stand out adding to the WOW factor.


How about having an arched door rather than a usual rectangle one? I love how the brick work echoes the shape and the red brick edged path leads your eye to the entrance.

Whitefish Bay - Old World Made New

This modern door has a retro vibe with its side window panels. But what I really live is how the home owner has painted the render a lilac colour and continued the wood across the underside of the porch way. The floor mosaic tiles add to the 1950s feel.

My Houzz: Simple Living Inspires Efficient Northern Californian Home

Another over sized door here, but this time it is a dark brown wood which has a real mid century feel to it. I can imagine the inside to be filled with 1960s teak furniture.

Ada St, Strathfield

I love the rounded top to this door, but I also love the peep hole window with lead edging giving it a real traditional Mediterranean feel. The colour is echoed in the garden furniture creating a cohesive look.

Philadelphia City Gardens

More fabulous colour here, but what I really love is the central handle and large door knocker. Door furniture can really add impact the a door so it is important to get it right. Teamed up with black lead/iron porchway gives it a slight Art Nouveau feel to it.

Denver Manor Home

You won’t miss this door in a hurry! It is quite unusual to paint your door in a gloss paint but it works so well compared to the grey walls.

Balsamina Residence

This door has no door furniture at all, choosing slatted wood instead. I love how the slats are thin giving it a great texture. But also I adore the bright blue paintwork, rather than choosing a blue door!

STonehedge Exteriors

I love stained glass windows and these ones are particularly nice. The colours in the glass look fab against the turquoise door and I love how they continue down the side. You can have stained glass made to your own design or try and pick some from your local reclamation yard.

Federation paint schemes

This door reminds me of my own as it is also a coral colour. It pops out at you next to the black walls, and is a great fun colour for your door. You can create your own external wood paint at most major DIY shops.

Taking Flight

Finally, I am ending up with an orange door (naturally!). I love that it has no windows and the number at the base – the home owner wanted nothing to detract from this awesome colour!

Cumberland Residence

So which one is your favourite? One thing for sure, is that all these homes have thought hard about not just the door, but also the path, planters and porchway. My door looks a little sad now as it doesn’t have a great surround….another project coming up I reckon!

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