12 iconic Great British designs from the 20th century

Today I have teamed up with Distinctive Chesterfields to share our top 12 Great British iconic designs that you and I collect today and were “must have” items in the past. I personally am lucky enough to have quite a few of these – which ones do you have?

12 Iconic Great British designs of the 20th century as featured on Kate Beavis.com

Ercol pebble tables

Ercol pebble tables as featured on Kate Beavis.com

The nest of curved tables often called the “pebble” nest was designed by Lucian Ercolani in 1956. We have a set which sit next to our Ercol chairs and often are featured in my Instagram photographs and on the blog.

Roberts radio

Roberts Radio as featured on katebeavis.com

In 1956, Roberts Radio Company designed this iconic portable radio which has been influencing radio design ever since. It now comes in a few colours and looks great on your kitchen worktop!

G Plan sideboard

gplan Brandon sideboard as featured on Kate Beavis.com

Whether you have a 1950s Brandon or a 1960s Fresco sideboard, everyone recognises G Plan as a brand that we love as much today as everyone did back then. This Brandon sideboard was designed in the 1950s and is often seen in bedroom furniture.

Anglepoise lamp

Anglepoise lamp as featured on Kate Beavis.com

This design by Anglepoise has again influenced lamp design ever since it was designed in the 1930s. I have a 1980s one on my desk which I refused to sell when I had my shop!

Ercol studio couch

Ercol studio couch as featured on kate beavis.com

Also known as the day bed, this was also designed in 1956 by Ercol. I love the sleek design and am a proud owner of one! It not only looks great, but doubles up as a great bed when someone crashes out after a party!

Beswick flying ducks

Beswick Flying Ducks as featured on Kate Beavis.com

Ever since Hilda and Stan Ogden had flying ducks on their “muriel” these Beswick flying ducks have been an iconic wall display for us all. Finding all 4 intact can be hard, so when you see them make sure you snap them up!

Nathan supper table

Nathan Supper Table as featured on Kate Beavis.com

Nathan created the perfect TV dinner accessory in the 1970s with this teak supper table. The lid lifted up to form a tray top for you to eat off while watching classics like The Two Ronnies!

GPO rotary phone

GPO phone as featured on Kate Beavis.com

I have fond memories of sitting in my bedroom, talking for hours on my cream GPO phone with its rotary dial. They came in many colours with red being the most desirable, but like me, most had black or cream!

Chesterfield sofa

chesterfield sofa as featured on Kate Beavis.com

The Chesterfield sofa has stood the test of time, being a design classic since the 1700s! Choose a rich chestnut leather one to sit perfectly beside your teak furniture.

Mathmos lava lamp

Mathmos lava lamp as featured on Kate Beavis.com

In a time when we were space obsessed, the lava lamp was the choice of students and cool families everywhere back as early as 1963. They are still being made today by Mathmos, filled with a unique formula filling.

Axminster carpets 

axminster rug as featured on Kate Beavis.com

Axminster has made carpets and rugs since the 1700s, but were still so popular in the mid 20th century. With their varied colours and patterns they go well in any room, whether it is vintage or modern.

Nathan sideboard

nathan sideboard as featured on Kate Beavis.com

Nathan also designed the classic long teak sideboard as did other popular brands such as G Plan and Macintosh. Some were up to 7 foot long, often too big for our rooms today! Get similar styles at fair around the country such as The Vintage Home Show.

So here’s out top 12 – do you agree with the selection? Which ones are missing? Do let me know!

Kate x

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