10 ways to have a vintage easter

Easter is almost upon us and hopefully for you all, it is a time for family and relaxation. And more than likely copious amounts of chocolate! As I’m sugar free now there will be no egg for me but am definitely looking forward to some family time. With no laptop!

Fancy having a vintage Easter? Here are 10 ideas for the holidays ahead.

1. Grab a vintage basket for your easter egg hunt. We always leave eggs all over the garden for the children to collect and love seeing them using old, authentic baskets rather than the bright plastic ones sold in the supermarkets! You can then use it for storage afterwards; we use ours for the crisps in the cupboard, for Kitty’s Peppa Pig toys, for her kitchen food toys and even have one filled with books.

vintage easter basket from Kate Beavis

2. Get baking together as a family. We often have a Bake Off between the children to add some spark! Remember to serve them up on vintage cake stands though. We add these wooden vintage Easter decorations to ours!

vintage cake stand for easter from Kate Beavis

3. Paint an egg. Remember doing this as kids? Why not surprise them by painting one for them and hiding under these vintage egg cups with lids to keep them warm?

vintage easter painted egg with vintage tea cups and plates from Kate Beavis

4. Get crafty! Why not make an Easter wreath like the one I made last week? Alternatively make an egg shaped material one like the Valentines Day one I made earlier this year.

Vintage handmade craft easter wreath by Kate Beavis

5. Give vintage gifts this year to your loved one, so they can use them all year. Why not give a pretty trio filled with mini eggs, or maybe a jelly mould or ceramic chicken? Vintage and chocolate – what’s not to love?

vintage easter gift ideas from Kate Beavis

6. Ever tried making candles? You often see them made inside tea cups but what about in  eggcups? It can also look great if you make them inside an eggshell.  Find out how here. Note: best to use ceramic ones not plastic like these ones….but then again wouldnt these make great gifts too?

easter egg cups from Kate Beavis

7. Handpick some daffodils for your neighbour or for a teacher to say thanks. They totally sum up this time of year and giving a surprise token can mean so much. I feel like in this modern world we rush about and are so busy that sometimes we forget to say thank you. Place them in a jam jar or tie some vintage ribbon or braid around.

daffodills in vintage glass vase from Kate Beavis

8. Get outdoors! Now is the perfect time to divide plants and mow the lawn if you havent already! Why not plant up some summer bulbs in enamel buckets, or herbs to create a kitchen garden which can be used inside or kept outside.

enamel vintage kitchen ware from kate Beavis

9. Make Easter cards rather than buying them. Dip your finger in paint to make fingerprint egg shapes or how about sending an original vintage card. These can be bought online or alteratively print one off from the internet and create your own.

Vintage Easter Card from Kate Beavis

10. Don you Easter bonnet! In days gone by everyone wore a hat but apart from the winter beanie, we don’t seem to wear one that often. Team it up with a vintage dress (and coat) and dress to impress. It is Easter after all!

vintage blue hat from Kate BeavisWhatever you do have a lovely weekend. Cross your fingers for sunshine!



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  1. 30 March 2015 / 4:01 pm

    Absolutely in love with that Easter wreath, how gorgeous!

    Louise x

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