What’s Involved In Getting Your First Boat 

Sailing the seas on your own boat is a feeling like no other. The privacy, luxury and convenience add up to the ultimate sense of freedom and discovery.  Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the experience of chartering boats in the past and want to take things further with more on-demand access and customisation, or maybe you’re simply fulfilling a long-held dream of boat ownership. Either way, there’s plenty to think about when making such a major purchase. 


From identifying the right boat for your needs to considering what level of boat insurance might be suitable, we’re here to illuminate what’s involved in the process so that getting out onto the seas on your own vessel is smooth sailing. 


What’s Involved In Getting Your First Boat 

Why buy a boat?


There’s always the question of whether buying outright is a better option than chartering. But here’s why you might want to go all in:  

  • Unlimited access – confidence that you can go where you want when you want 
  • Tailored experience – you can kit out your boat however you prefer, with no compromise 
  • Comfort and familiarity – create yourself a ‘home away from home’ on the seas that you can return to time and time again 
  • Potential to make money – maintain your vessel fastidiously and you may be able to turn a profit if you later decide to sell 
  • Privacy and security – with no outside interference in who can come on board and where you go, your holidays come with greater peace of mind 



Finding the right boat


Vessels like power boats can cost as much as £700,000, so you’ll want to ensure you invest in the one that’s right for you. Think about the following to help you decide: 

  • What type of vessel you want and what you’ll use it for 
  • How big you want it to be – do you plan to host guests aboard? 
  • How much you’re willing to pay upfront and for ongoing expenses 


Do research to find boats you like the look of, then get in touch with a reputable dealer to take a closer, in-person look at the best candidates. 


What’s Involved In Getting Your First Boat 




Owning a boat isn’t quite as straightforward as signing on the dotted line and immediately setting sail. To make sure that you’re operating within the law, you’ll need to consider: 

  • Appropriate boat insurance 


Are there other costs I should be aware of? 


The costs you’ll accrue from boat ownership don’t stop after your initial purchase as maintenance costs can be expensive, so factor these into your budget. Typically, boat owners can expect the following expenses once the vessel has been purchased: 

  • Maintenance Routine engine and hull maintenance keeps your boat in excellent condition and reduces the chances of breakdowns. 
  • Storage and docking – You’ll pay to put your boat in a marina or storage facility. These fees are typically charged monthly or annually. 
  • Fuel and operating costs – Like cars, boats require fuel and other supplies to run smoothly. Large vessels with powerful engines can be costly to run as they burn through fuel quickly. 



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