Best Historical European Locations For Your Next Holiday 

Craving a getaway that takes you beyond the beach bum life? Europe boasts a treasure trove of destinations brimming with history and culture, offering an experience far richer than your typical sun-lounger-and-cocktail routine. 


While resort vacations have their place, immersing yourself in a place with historical resonance unlocks a new dimension of travel. While these destinations aren’t short of thrills or activities that’ll delight children as well as adults, they can serve as living history lessons that spark your imagination and give you new insight into the world around you. Here are a few locations that can give you the best of both worlds, adding some historical and cultural enrichment to a relaxing, sunny break. 


Best Historical European Locations For Your Next Holiday 

Rhodes, Greece

If you’re used to chasing sun and sea when choosing a holiday destination, you might have already considered the paradisiacal island of Rhodes. But it’s so much more than that. Not only does this Mediterranean getaway offer all of that idyllic beach joy but it’s an incredible place to discover more about ancient Greece. 

The legacy of this glorious early civilisation can be observed across the island, particularly in the repaired remnants of the Acropolises of Rhodes and Lindos as well as the remarkably well-preserved ruins of ancient Kamiros. 


Best Historical European Locations For Your Next Holiday 

Rome, Italy

Few cities enjoy such iconic status as Rome does. Italy’s capital is ranked as a top 10 city destination in the world by empirical studies of several key metrics, and for a splash of romance while you explore millennia of history it can’t be beaten. 

As well as treating yourself to incredible, authentic Italian cuisine, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with vivid Roman history at can’t-miss sites like the city’s ancient Forum and, of course, the Colosseum. 


Best Historical European Locations For Your Next Holiday 

Faro, Portugal

Another destination known for its beaches that might surprise you with its historical depth, this gem in the south of Portugal is replete with things to do for people of all ages. It’s taken in influence from the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines and Moors over its early history but its most visible remnants of the past are from the 16th century onwards, much of which is very well preserved. 

If you’re keen on a beach holiday with historical interest, Faro’s a great choice – and an accessible one, as you can easily get transfers from Faro airports to your hotel to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. 


Best Historical European Locations For Your Next Holiday 

Istanbul, Turkey 

Straddling the Bosphorus Strait between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s dazzling capital is always abuzz with tourism and for good reason. As well as vibrant nightlife and a delightful warm climate, it boasts fascinating historical interest from its Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman past. It’s home to major tourism sites like the majestic Hagia Sophia that will take your breath away. 



Best Historical European Locations For Your Next Holiday 


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