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Fisher Price have designed some real vintage classic which are not only collectable, but as we have such great memories of them we still buy them for our children to play with now.

vintage fisher price toys


Fisher Price is a US company, established as early as 1930 in New York. One year after the Wall Street Crash, Herman Fisher, Irving Price and Helen Schelle set up the famous toy company in a time when America was falling into the Great Depression. Their toys were designed to be great value for money as well as well made: the early toys were made from pine with steel fittings. They all had nicely designed labels on top creating a playful ideal especially on their first push pull toys.

Vintage Fisher Price Dr Doodle 1931

Their first toy was Dr Doodle designed in 1931, but it was in the 1950s that their designs really started to sell. With the post war baby boom, families were able to spend money on toys which were now made in plastic. Buzzy Bee was their first plastic toy yet still combined with wood.

buzzy bee vintage fisher price

In the 1960s Fisher Price introduced their little people who along side houses, schools, garages and airports



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