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Babycham celebrates its 60th birthday this year and have released a special edition glass which can be found in supermarkets and online. I quickly snapped one up to add to my glass collection alongside my lovely deer that Mr YVL bought me a few years back.

babycham figure

Babycham was first created in the 1940s by  Francis Showering in Shepton Mallet. He was playing around with fermenting fruit juices with the idea of creating a new cider when he discovered that perry pears made a refreshing and sweet sparkling drink.

babycham anniversary

In the 1950s it was bottled and called Champagne De La Poire. It was entered into competitions, always winning first prize -.it then was known as Baby Champ…..baby champagne…..baby champion….Babycham!

babycham advert

In 1953 there was a gap in the market for alcoholic drinks for young ladies. Men drank sherry, whisky and ale. Women drank gin and Creme de Menthe. Babycham was fun, sparkly, aspirational and with the introduction of the deer brand image, the young lady found her tipple.

babycham advert 2

Babycham in 1957 was the first ever alcoholic brand to be advertised on television and the second ever brand.

Here is a 1960s advert to get you in the mood.

Or maybe this one..which is slightly less cool!

When collecting the glasses there are many variations out there. The 1950s version has white deer that looks almost washed out.

babycham glass white 2

The 1960s version has a frolicking deer in an orange colour. Her stance reminds me of the figurine.

babycham glass orange

The 1970s version is a yellow deer which is jumping.

babycham glasses

The traditional champagne flute shape was introduced in the late 1970s. Sales dropped in the 1980s due to the rise of other cheap drinks but it had a re launch in 1996 and with the re-introduction of the Babycham Babe competition a year later it won us all over again. With a clothing line in the noughties and our love affair with all things nostalgic now, we all still would love a Babycham!

Back to the anniversary edition with her flowing bow: well I’m secretly hoping that I get bought some more of these special editions for Christmas to add to my collection!





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  1. Marlo Martinez Lynch
    4 December 2015 / 10:13 pm

    Hello Kate, I was looking for the actual bottles of Baby Cham in a Total Wine Store here in WA state,USA. I found your vintage site and love the glasses! I have a plastic leaping reindeer statue with a stand. My mom lived in England in the 80’s and acquired the statue then.I was looking through her things and found it, unaware that it has been in my garage for years since she passed away. Where can I buy some of the cocktail glasses? Thank you, Marlo

    • Kate Beavis
      17 December 2015 / 12:16 pm

      Hi The best place I think is ebay to be honest! Kate

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