Vintage Styling Tips: Creating a light fitting the repurposed way

I was sitting getting a drink and snack the other day and looked up to see a fantastic lighting fixture made out of top hats and bowler hats.  I’ve seen quite a few great up-cycled light fittings lately from the hats to tea cups, lace doilies to cutlery and this started me thinking about the sort of lights that could be made in our homes.  In todays blog we show 8 things that you may of never considered as a light fitting but look totally amazing!

Cut glass decanters – decanters are beautiful anyway but adding a light source to them just makes them even more stunning.  Here the bases have been removed by a glass cutter and frosting spray used to created translucent versions and hang in groups at different heights.0844047888cd39a078b5b3a4e7e180d1


Anyone seen my keys?  Vintage keys can look amazing repurposed into different things.  Here odd keys have been wired onto a mental frame… Find the tutorial here.  We think as well as silver metal keys, old rusty skeleton ones would look just as good, what do you think?



Upcyclers do love to use Mason/Kilner jars in projects and creating a fantastic light fitting is no different.   The lids have been drilled and a simple pendant light fitting added – genius!



This light fitting using industrial stirring blades (big whisks basically) is just fabulous… Industrial items always look good used in projects like these due to the sheer scale of them.  If creating something like this is a bit too complicated there are plenty of versions for sale on Etsy for the look without the work!



A great light fitting for a kitchen is this storage canisters set complete with pan lid ceiling rose.  Super retro and we love it!  The lids have been screwed on, the bases cut off and by drilling extra holes for the light to shine through at the bottom, a beautiful effect is created with the brushed steel.9d2df68a1f7b91e6a4321cc8353e42e8


Globes are beautiful as any part of a room but the idea of using them as lamp shades is so striking…. Maybe mark special locations with memories on it or use it as a bucket list reminder of all those places you want to travel to.  If you’d like a go at creating a globe lamp follow the instructions here.1dde804bb26197f635abc0cbfea285b6


Lamp shades as lamp shades?  By using lots of small co-ordinating shades and stringing them together with the lighting flexes a cute but decided different light is created.   Very feminine and would look lovely in a bedroom or dressing room.  Sometimes the simplest idea can be the best idea.



We love a quirky idea here at YVL and by using the simplest of things  – a wooden peg, pegged onto a wire frame a wonderful lamp shade is created…cheap too!  The light is thrown out into a beautiful shadow pattern and the most basic of items becomes…beautiful.


Hopefully that has filled you full of ideas to create some amazing light fittings.  The sky (or perhaps the ceiling) is the limit – but remember if you’re creating any up-cycled masterpieces that require re-wiring get them checked over by a qualified electrician.

Written by Sarah Gorlov

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