How Vintage Is Your Home?

So how many of these vintage items do you have in your home? Give yourself a point for each one and let me know your score!

1. A starburst clock

2. Any coloured Tupperware

3. Anything Babycham related

babycham by Kate Beavis

4. Any Tretchikoff print: gain an extra point if you have one that isn’t Tina

5. A nest of tables

6. An embroidered table-cloth

7. A Chance handkerchief vase

Vintage Chance Glass Handkerchief vase by Kate Beavis

8. A teak stag/deer

9. An ice bucket: give yourself an extra point if it’s a pineapple

Vintage ice buckets by Kate Beavis

10. A retro flowery cushion

11. A mohair blanket

12. Any coloured Pyrex

13. A vintage sweet tin

14. A sewing box

15. A wooden shoe cleaning box

16. A tall glass medicine bottle

vintage medicine bottles by Kate Beavis

17. A leather suitcase for storage

18. Any Ercol or G Plan

19. A chair that swivels

vintage furniture by Kate Beavis

20. Any enamel cookware

21. Old Salter scales

22. Anything Danish

23. A cocktail bar

24. A home phone with a rotary dial

vintage retro telephone by Kate Beavis

25. Any item with screw on black legs and gold tipped feet

26. Anything orange in your kitchen

27. Shot glasses even though you don’t drink shots

28. A ceramic chicken to store your eggs in

29. A free-standing kitchen unit

30. A glass or metal light shade with a pull down mechanism

vintage retro light by Kate Beavis

31. Anything hanging on your wall in a diagonal line

32. A jelly mould in the shape of a rabbit

33. Little forks to eat olives while drinking a cocktail

34. A fondue set: gain an extra point if you have ever used it

35. A half-length pinny

36. Any item with Formica on

37. A set of hooks with balls on the ends

50s ball feet by Kate Beavis

38. A battered trunk

39. Ceramic canisters for your coffee and tea with wooden lids

40. A string holder

41. Any video tape

42. Kilner jars in your cupboards

43. Any vintage wallpaper, however small

44. Glass Christmas baubles

Vintage baubles by kate Beavis

45. A magazine rack: any type

46. Flying ducks of any sort

47 A ceramic cat with a long neck

48. A rocket lamp

49. A three tiered cake stand

50. A house bulging at the seams



1-15: Must try harder! Get yourself to a vintage fair/shop/carboot/auction/charity shop and stock up on more vintage treasures…GO!

16-24: You are on your way to getting a vintage home. You need to get a bit braver and embrace every area in your home.

25-40: You are nearly there! Your home is looking good but there is still space for some new vintage. Your friends are starting to comment on your amazing taste or that your home resembles their grannies (delete as appropriate)

41-50: Well done you have the highest score. Your home is full of amazing treasures, so much so you could probably open a shop. Or a museum.



Alternative disclaimer: This is just for fun!


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  1. 5 November 2014 / 9:35 am

    I only got in the ‘must try harder’ category, yet our house is bursting at the seams!!! I guess we have more older stuff and less mid century items? Fun little quiz though! P x

    • Kate Beavis
      5 November 2014 / 11:27 am

      Yes it is a mix of mid century and more vintage…maybe need to do another one! Just a bit of fun though! x

  2. mark joyce
    5 November 2014 / 12:03 pm

    Only scored 20 but awarded myself addition points for, a dansette record player, a bakelite radio, a GEC vintage oscillating fan, Lloyd loom furniture, vintage anglepoise lamps, a vintage tala bread box, 3 vintage electric food mixers, Worcester ware storage tins and a frameless mirror.

    • Kate Beavis
      5 November 2014 / 12:07 pm

      Excellent! I agree….a Dansette is a must (silly me for missing it off the list!) Then again the list could have been 100! Kate 🙂

  3. 6 November 2014 / 11:20 am

    My score of 13 just goes to show how much scope vintage offers (a quick whizz through my blog will show how much vintage is in my house). Good fun though.

    Ps, anyone with a Tretchikoff automatically gets a bonus point as Tina is by J H Lynch

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