Vintage Colour Inspiration: Yellow

Us vintage loving folk are partial to a bit of bright colour, and if you are anything like me, your homes are crammed full of it! Today starts a new series featuring colours from my own home – and I am starting off with the colour yellow.

Yellow is a fabulous colour, so bright and fun, reminding us of springtime, of hope, new starts and growth. So, as we hurtle into autumn it feels like a great place to start. I personally don’t have loads of yellow items in my home, preferring it’s friend orange. I also don’t wear yellow as it tends to blend into my hair colour so finding some feels quite hard on this cold and rainy day. Interestingly most of it is in our children’s playroom.

vintage retro kids childrens playroom by Kate Beavis Vintage BlogI painted a feature wall in an egg yolk yellow so my children could hang their art on clipboards. I chose this colour as it matches the 1960s yellow mushroom light perfectly (I did a colour paint match at B&Q). The light was rescued from my husband’s friends home where it had hung in his parents hall forever!  You can also see the yellow atomic planter which we use as a waste paper bin at the bottom of the photograph.

Succulent plants in Dialene Better Maid plant pots by Kate Beavis Vintage Home

This West German plant stand sits proudly on our landing, adorned with 1950s plant pots made by Dialene. I love the atomic feel to this table – the rounded edges contrast with the spiky succulents bought from IKEA and featured in a recent blog. On the window sill there are two 1950s ceramic vases handpainted by E Radford. I inherited them a few years ago and I really love them.

Succulent plants in Dialene Better Maid plant pots by Kate Beavis Vintage HomeAs I said earlier I have very little yellow vintage (or modern) clothing. Infact I have 4 pieces: this cute 1960s yellow petticoat, some button clip on earrings, a 1950s brooch and this newly purchased chunky bracelet bought last week at Twinwood.

Vintage yellow petticoat and jewellery as seen on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

I love my glass and have 2 pieces which are yellow. The handkerchief vase by Chance Glass is just one I have in this shape (I have one in most colours!) which sits alongside bright orange and green glass in my family lounge. There is also an Italian yellow and white striped bud vase with a handkerchief frilled stem which links the two yellow pieces together. This whole room is white with pops of bright colour – it is a happy space!

Vintage yellow Chance Glass handkerchief vase as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

As you probably know I have a large collection of cocktail glasses which are rarely used! They sit in a vintage drinks cabinet which we rescued from a skip and repainted. These tall yellow striped tumblers are wonderful – and a Valentines Day present a few years back. I do use these for my smoothies as it feels wrong to neglect them!

Vintage yellow cocktail glasses as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

On top of the cabinet sits my two Orla Kiely sugar bowls with teak wooden lids. They have nothing inside them, they simply sit here as they are wonderful to look at!

Yellow Orla Kiely sugar bowls as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

And believe it or not that is about it for the colour yellow in my home. I of course have the odd piece of Tupperware and some other touches here and there but nothing I am too proud of and that will inspire you to smile this damp 1st of September.

Let’s finish off with these lovely yellow ceramic salt and pepper pots by Hornsea. They are so bright surely they will make everyone smile!

Vintage Hornsea yellow salt and pepper pots as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

Do you have any yellow in your home? Do share away over on my Facebook page.

Kate x

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