Vintage Colour Inspiration: Green

I have chosen the colour green for the second in my series: Vintage Colour Inspiration. Each week I am choosing a colour and sharing some of my favourite items in the hue.

There is quite a bit of green in my home as it mixes so well with other colours, especially orange. As my kitchen is very orange (even the fridge) it needed another colour to calm all that citrus feel down. Step in the colour green. Overall the colour tends to be more of an olive colour to dampen down the brightness, seen in many pieces of my CathrineHolm collection.

Vintage Cathroneholm green kitchenware as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

We even have the skillet pan hanging on the wall.

Vintage plates and Cathrineholm as featured in Kate Beavis Vintage Home

There are then other green items in the kitchen such as this 1950s vegetable rack. We found this in a house clearance shop in two colours but couldn’t resist keeping one of them.

Vintage 1950s green vegetable rack as featured on Kate Beavis Home blog

Joined onto our kitchen is a dining/lounge area that we use a lot in the summer as it overlooks the garden. This space is full of vintage Ercol furniture including our Studio Couch. We bought it with these green cushions on which we kept particularly as they are in such good condition. Here it is in our old home.

Vintage Ercol studio couch day bed as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

In this part of the room, my green art glass is teamed up with bright yellow and orange, fun styles such as the Chance Glass handkerchief vases. My favourite green piece has to be this Swedish glass piggy bank.

Vintage glass Swedish piggy bank as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

As I collect vintage cocktail glasses, of course I have some great green ones, None better than this art deco set which featured in my book, Style Your Modern Vintage Home.

Vintage 130s art deco green cocktail glasses  as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

Upstairs I have more green glass in my bedroom, this time teamed with purple to match the Sanderson FiFi wallpaper. This tends to be a darker shade as all the brighter green in downstairs. This tall vase I bought from a car boot sale in Brighton.

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroom

These two round vintage cushions sit perfectly with my modern ones on the bed.

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroom

The spare room is very pink but I have still sneaked in a few pieces in green. This medicine bottle belonged to my grandma and is especially tall compared to my other bottles.

Vintage bedroom with mirrored furniture by Kate Beavis Vintage Home BlogAnd this very old planter also belonged to her, or maybe my Great Grandma (this is the oldest piece I have). It has all my hair flowers in…ever practical, me!

Vintage bedroom with mirrored furniture by Kate Beavis Vintage Home BlogI also have some great, green fashion. My eyes are green so I feel green clothing suits me and it is a colour I choose regularly. For my birthday this year I received a green pair of clogs from Lotta from Stockholm.

Green Lotta From Stockholm clogs shoes as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

This is just one of my vintage green dresses, worn here in Sicily earlier this Summer. It’s a 1960s maxi dress with silver trim with a side slit!

Vintage green 1960s maxi dress as featured on Kate Beavis blog

This green, American, 1960s, box bag is special as I used it at the register office part of my wedding, teamed up with a Jean Varon dress.

Vintage green 1960s box handbag bag as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

Do you have lots of the colour green in your home? What is your favourite piece?

Kate x

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p.p.s Prefer the colour yellow? Check out last week’s blog where I featured this colourful hue!



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  1. Aukje
    11 September 2015 / 12:23 am

    Your house is so stunning… especially your collection of Cathrineholm is amazing. Do you remember where the metal consoles come from where you store your Cathrineholm on?

    • Kate Beavis
      11 September 2015 / 7:49 am

      Ah Thanks x The shelves were from IKEA! Kate

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