Vintage children for sale!

Yesterday I wrote about my weekend away and Mr YVL having to stay at home being daddy. Well in between being daddy he managed to buy some great mid century vintage  furniture and prepare it ready to go online today.

I have down loaded the photos today and look what I have found! It appears Mr YVL got some models in. Not sure if they came cheap but I reckon they are doing a great job!

First off we have a 1960s childs seat in teak with green vinyl.

vintage childrens furniture

Here is Herbie enjoying the chair…it’s just his size!

vintage kids chair

And Kitty too has her turn. She just won’t look at the camera (you just can’t get the staff can you)

vintage childrens chair

Here we have a 1960s telephone table in teak with a black vinyl seatpad.

vintage furniture

Here is the handsome Herbie modelling the telehone table with a 1970s Trimphone.

vintage trimphone

And here it is modelled by the lovely Kitty who has today chosen a 1970s Fisher Price chatterphone.

vintage chatterphone

It really made me smile on this wet morning! All are available (without the children) on our website here


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