The Three Stages Of Menopause You Need To Know


While most women know about menopause but not everyone knows about the three stages of it; keep reading for a quick explanation.


The Three Stages



There is perimenopause which can be up to ten years before menopause.


This is where your hormones fluctuate which results in not-so-nice symptoms, irregular periods and just feeling rubbish!


Next is…

The menopause! This is when your periods stop, your hormones aren’t fluctuating now and they are basically flat! And yes, you still feel a little bit rubbish but maybe a little bit better than you did.


Lastly is…

Post menopause! This is after you’ve been period free for a year and a day. Some people feel better post menopause but some people feel the same because you still don’t have the hormones that you need.


Whichever stage you’re at get help, get support, and talk about it.


If you are struggling with menopause, please visit your doctor to get help and support.



The Three Phases Of Menopause You Need To Know



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