This week’s weakness

My weakness is shopping. Actually, not just shopping. My weakness is shopping, thrifting, collecting….I can’t drive past a car boot sale without dropping in, I can’t visit a new town without thrifting through the charity shops, I can’t ignore a sign saying “Garage Sale” be honest I can’t even drive past a skip without meer-catting my neck up to see if there’s any bounty inside.

So maybe I should share with you my fact here is this week’s weakness.

Yesterday at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Lincoln, I bought this wooden pencil case. It cost a whole £4 and dates from 1951.

The lady who sold it bought a whole load of stuff from a lady aged 80. This belonged to her son as a small boy.

It has a cute, colourful lid with chocolate box houses on. The colours are still vibrant.

He obviously looked after it well as there are very little chips and scuffs. It’s a shame he didn’t write his name on it!

The big question is this: shall I give it to my Herbie in his Christmas stocking for all his pencils (bear in mind I bought him a modern Gruffalo one last year for the same very reason and it’s still lying about redundant)

OR shall I put it on my desk and use it myself? What do you think?


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  1. 2 October 2011 / 12:28 pm

    I think you should use it yourself. Put it on your desk and enjoy looking at it everyday!

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