The Menopause Stats You Need To Know

Trigger Warning- suicide is mentioned throughout.



For all the people on my timeline telling me to stop talking about menopause and that it’s natural and you should just get on with it, this is why I won’t:


The Menopause Stats You Need To Know

Right now one million women feel under pressure to leave their jobs in the UK because of menopause.


One in ten are leaving their jobs.


73% of women who are suffering feel that they can’t talk openly about it with their colleagues.


70% of women who are having to take time off due to their menopause symptoms aren’t revealing the real reasons why.


The highest age at which woman are taking their own lives are between 45 years and 50 years old, the menopause years.


Yes, menopause is natural. Yes, we’ll all go through it, however, why should we all suffer like this?


I mean it’s not the 1950s, right?


Women deserve to have fulfilled lives.


They deserve to work and achieve the career they want.


They deserve better.


And that is why I’ll keep banging on about it!


If you are struggling with menopause, please visit your doctor to get help and support.





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