Ten of the Best: Vintage 1990’s inspired gifts

If you regularly follow our vintage blogs or Twitter feed you will know that last Saturday we had a early 1990’s themed 40th birthday party for Mr YVL.  For us vintage lovers of a certain age it is a tad depressing that the 90’s are now considered retro (Kate’s book covers the 20’s to the 90’s ) but, on the plus side, remembering your youth is so much fun!  Look out for photos of all of us dressed up at the party looking ridiculous in the next week or so but for today this blog is on the 10 best 1990’s themed gifts available online now…due to the lack of age of the items we are looking at mainly new products rather than vintage as most sellers don’t go that ‘modern’.  So get those hands in the air, whistles in mouth and glow sticks on and enjoy!

1.  Aciieeedd! Along with all the tie dye, flares, hippy styling and raving a key item had to be a Global Hypercolour t-shirt.  Want a top that changes colour as you get more sweaty?  Rebranded Global Technacolour now then this is the top for you!!!  Lets be honest, they didn’t work that well but everyone was mad for them….

Global Technocolour t-shirt from ASOS

2. If you weren’t a raver you were probably into grunge and this Nirvana fabric print would look amazing on any wall.

Nirvana fabric art print from allposters.com

3.  Theres nothing like sweets to remind you of growing up.  Mr YVL’s party was full of Push Pops, M&M’s and jellybeans and they went down a treat!  Retro sweet hampers are very popular now and a fabulous gift.  This 90’s inspired one is twisting my melon man…Yum!

1990’s sweet hamper from funkyhampers.com

4.  Friends on TV became a national obsession with most of us girls dreaming of getting our hair to look like Rachel’s and hang about in coffee shops all day.  For a great little gift how about a Central Perk coffee mug?

Friends Central perk mug from Zazzle.co.uk

5.  Mrs YVL bought Mr YVL a great black Pop Swatch as part of his 40th birthday present and we think they’re still great.  As with all great design, this 1991 example still looks as modern now as it did then.

eBay Pop Swatch watch from davina_stevens

6.  Dr Martens went mainstream in the 90’s with Shellys (remember them?) selling new ranges of loafers, coloured boots and sandals.  They are constantly coming up with new ideas and these limited edition glitter brogues are just divine.

Dr Martens black glitter brogues

7.  Alessi really came into its own design wise in the 90’s with fun bright designs by Stefano Giovannoni leading the way.  Cico the egg cup is still one of the most popular designs available in a variety of colours and great value too.

Alessi Cico egg cup from Amazon

8.  ‘Ahh the smell of it…’  With its arty adverts, gaunt models and exciting new fragrances Calvin Klein perfume was THE fragrance of the era with CKOne leading the way with its ground breaking idea of unisex fragrance.  It still smells great with its light, relaxed scent, meant to be used lavishly.

CK One from Boots.com

9.  According to Edina in Absolutely Fabulous, Lacroix is the only way to go for 90’s glamour.  This vintage printed body is AMAZING and then you can say “Its Lacroix, darling!!!”

Vintage Christian Lacroix body from farfetch.com

10. Sanrio’s Hello Kitty brand came into the UK from Japan in the early 90’s.  I remember buying hairclips and jewellery at Harrods as it was one of the only places you could buy it!  Like it or love it, it does have a certain girlie charm.  I’m a bit in love with this handmade Zatchels Hello Kitty satchel

Hello Kitty satchel from Zatchels.com

Hopefully that’s provided a nice blast from the past (unless you’re under 20) and you’re ready to emnbrace the early 90’s once more!  For additional reminiscing follow our ‘Do you remember?’ board on Pinterest showing all those little things you’d forgotten but used to not be able to live without.




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  1. 24 September 2013 / 9:53 am

    I agree that it’s slightly unnerving to know that the early 1990s are considered a ‘vintage’ era. I meet people now that weren’t even born then!! Yikes!

    Personally, I see the fashions of that time as simply an extension of the ’80s, with the exception of ‘grunge’ of course. Certainly the ‘smiley face’ rave symbol was around in the mid-1980s.

    I really need more time to appreciate the 90s fully. Although I felt exactly the same way about the 1980s . . . . which seems like a VERY long distant memory now!

  2. 24 September 2013 / 10:02 am

    Loved reading this! I had a lime green pop swatch which I loved, and I saved up tokens on packets of Skips to get a global hypercolour t shirt (Sad!) Plus I have and still love the Alessi egg cup. Nice bit of nostalgia to start the day, thank you!

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