Ten of the Best: Bonfire night beauties for vintage lovers

Its November already – can you believe it?  Before we know it, it will be December and that big exciting day… but lets not go there just yet!!  The beginning of November means one thing as you pack away Halloween – its time for Fireworks, bonfires and remembering a certain revolutionary!

1.  First things first.  You need to wrap up warm  – make sure you have some great vintage gloves for holding those sparklers!

1960’s gloves from Love Miss Daisy Vintage

2.  We all know from the fireworks code (and if you don’t go here to learn it) that a tin box to store your fireworks in, is key for safety.  We say, if youre going to use a tin, use a great vintage tin!  This oneis from the 1930’s and looks just great.

1930’s vintage tin from Your Vintage Life

3.  We wouldn’t recommend you try to get vintage fireworks – anything explosive needs to be safe and predictable!  However we’ve seen some lovely vintage fireworks posters, adverts and packaging on our travels.  Many people collect these as their bright colours, quirky illustrations and warm memories make a great collectable.  Find an item you like and get it framed.

Brocks fireworks bag via Art.co.uk

4.  While you’re outside in the cold a flask of tea, coffee or soup is totally the right choice.  Also while you’re not drinking it acts as a great hand warmer too!  There only one brand when it comes to flasks and that’s Thermos.  If you buy vintage check the glass inside is intact and all the seals are good.  For a new vintage inspired flask their ‘King’ designs in green, black and red are retro for a whole new generation.

Thermos King range from Lakeland

5.  “Penny for the guy?”   Any child of the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s would of probably of created a dodgy guy to beg for pennies one Bonfire night.  Seems a bit dodgy now!  Keep the penny tradition with this fantastic Edwardian double penny necklace.

Etsy vintage penny necklace via DearSusan

6.  Soup is perfect food for Bonfire night.  If you love vintage there’s only one brand for us at the moment – Campbells with their limited edition Andy Warhol tins.  Available in supermarkets now.

Campbells limited edition tin soup

7.  There only one movie for Guy Fawkes night and that’s V for Vendetta – with this set you get the iconic Guy Fawkes mask too.  Time for a revolution?

V for Vendetta gift set from Book Depository

8.   Bonfire night is a social and fun night with lots of opportunities for food and drink.  How about using a great vintage punch bowl to get the drink flowing?

Ebay Vintage punch bowl via the_barlings2013

9.   Its important to remember that fireworks should be lit at arms length using a taper.  Spill (or taper) holders are often confused with small vases or ornaments but a hugely collectable with Staffordshire ones being one of the most popular.  This fox one is just lovely.

Ebay Stafford spill vase via michaelh4073

10.  Keep the bonfire theme going indoors with a selection of pretty vintage candlesticks.  These can be used all through the year and are great now the nights are closing in.  Of course always make sure you never leave them unattended.

Not on the High Street vintage candlesticks via Velvet Ribbon

Have a great Bonfire night tonight vintage lovers!  Enjoy.



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