Garden Styling Tips That Will Surely Save Your Outside Space

The addition of a garden can add between 5-20% onto your overall house price, and it’s typically a cost we’re willing to face for the joy of being able to get outside whenever we fancy. Yet, when push comes to shove, many of us spend way less time than we should to make the most of that costly addition. In fact, if we’re honest, some of us can go weeks or even months without setting foot outside, leaving our gardens worse for wear, and our investment quickly going down the drain.  It’s an issue, but you’ll be glad to know that it’s one you should be able to overcome easily enough by putting these simple garden styling tips into action.


Styling Tips That Will Surely Save Your Outside Space


Incorporate it into your home


If you have to go through the garage or around the house to get to your garden, it’s no wonder it so easily seems to slip from your mind. Out of sight is typically out of mind, after all! Hence why my first style suggestion is to simply find new ways to incorporate your garden into your home itself. French doors are probably your best bet here as they allow you to see your garden and even keep the doors open on nice days for an open plan setup. Decking areas attached to those french doors will prove especially useful for ensuring a kind of outdoor living room extension that will surely get used in the summer months. 


Styling Tips That Will Surely Save Your Outside Space


Make it usable


Talking of use, that happens to be my next style solution. After all, as amazing as extensive flower displays and wild gardens can look, they’re rarely practical unless you love ongoing gardening. If not, then it’s time to think more practically on the design front. Paving stones, patios, and decking areas as mentioned are all fantastic ways to do this, especially if you integrate outdoor eating setups, or invest in some sun loungers that ensure you have an added reason to get out there. It may be a simple step, but you can bet this alone will make a huge difference. 


Simplify maintenance


Like anything in the home, it’s tempting to forget all about the garden when there are flowers that need de-weeding, hedges that need trimming, and all the rest. By comparison, easy-maintenance styles ensure we have no reason to avoid heading outside every single day. Getting rid of flowerbeds is often a first step here, and it needn’t even mean compromising on appearances if you instead install plant pots that are far easier to manage. Equally, reducing your lawn area or even investing in artificial grass (yes, really!) could see you loving a garden that you don’t have to work for in no time. Click here for more info…

Even if you think it’s too late, there are ways to make sure that your garden sees use at last, starting this season. Just consider which of these styling tips you’d like to implement and get started as soon as possible to see things flourishing the way you’ve always wished they would!


Styling Tips That Will Surely Save Your Outside Space & Garden




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