Shaken not stirred

We were given a great pair of vintage champagne glasses recently to celebrate the birth of our second child. Kitty Jen was born in July and the champagne definately flowed.


They are really unusual and I havent seen any glasses like this before. They are the perfect his and her glasses and are so kitsch! They look a bit Spanish with her flat hat cocked to the side. The rimmed bases give them a touch of colour which I love.

They now sit in our 1950s glass cabinet along with our other vintage glasses and cocktail shakers. We found the cabinet thrown away outside someones house…we rescued it, cleaned it, re-painted it and added a mirror to the back. We have 2 1950s drinks cabinets..the other houses my 1950 handbag collection!

Here are some of our other lovelies.  Great 1950s frosted pastels…I use these for Baileys in the winter…the colour reminds you of summer on those cold nights!


Great branded glasses…Cherry B, Britvic and Babycham.

The Britvic ones have tomatoes, oranges, lemons and pineapples on. We also recently found matching champagne glasses. The Cherry B’s are my favourites…Now I don’t remember Cherry B at all…but I love the 50s feel of the kitsch cherries (although the glasses and the drink were later). Babycham glasses are the ultimate in retro drinking….I do love these glasses….when my partner proposed he had hidden a bottle of champagne in our VW campervan (hoping I would say yes) and after I did say yes we sat and drank it out of the Babycham glasses. So very glam!

Great 50s shot glasses in a red atomic ball feet stand. We have so many shot glasses in different colours and designs and we dont ever use them! I just can’t resist!

Decanters…These are so pretty, perfect to pour a shot as the stoppers fill up when you turn them upside down.

Great jugs (!). The pink frosted one is really heavy and perfect for cocktails. The gold flower one was given to me by my mother in law last birthday with matching glasses.

1930s cocktails…so so so pretty! I use these for deserts….or dips for a starter.

1980s cocktails…I havent used these ones. Every time we have a cocktail party I worry about using them as I have a full set and I dont want them smashed in the raucousness!

These were given to me for Valentines Day a few years back. I was lucky enough to receive 6 of these highballs in mint condition! The colour is so vibrant and they are a great size.

My absolute favourite frosted blue glass cocktail shaker. When you see the metal ones used today you just can’t believe that people used glass ones. I worry about breaking it with all that shaking!

And no collection would be complete without an original cocktail bar! This one is made from cream vinyl and teak. It houses our record player…complete with pineapple ice bucket on top! The ice bucket is unusually made from metal with each leaf curving outwards.

Here is a small selection of our current stock great for Your Vintage Cocktail Party. Get the Pimms out, summers not quite over! (and there are loads more available too including ice buckets, little forks, soda syphons and bowls for your peanuts!)


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