Do you Remember?

Did you see our ‘Do you Remember’ posts on Facebook this week?  In todays blog we bring our weeks posts together – so, how many do you remember?

We all had a great time watching Live Aid back in 1985.  Bono pulling girls out of the crowd, Phil Collins on concord and doing both shows, Princess Diana dancing along from the audience, Freddie Mercury with the stadium in the palm of his hand and that finale with pretty much every pop star performing ever…..amazing


The Magic Roundabout enchanted us in the 1970s.  You remembered Dylan the hippy rabbit, Brian the snail, Ermintrude the cow, Florence and of course Dougal the dog…plus having curtains, wallpaper and sheets of all of them in your childhood bedrooms.  We knew it was time for bed when Zebedee ‘boinged’ – ah fond memories!


Remember watching Take Hart after school, but really all you wanted to see was Morph and Chas?  Its was great fun and magical to watch the stop motion – we were easily pleased before the days of CGI!


Who loved Strawberry Shortcake in the 1980s? So cute and collectable!  Loads of you did and still have them smelling gorgeous now!!!


Quite a few of you watched Eastenders right from the start with dead Reg Cox’s door being kicked in.  It was Den and Angie all the way with Sharon being our youthful style queen and Wicksy our hunk!  Gritty and controversial, with some shocking storylines for the time Eastenders was a key program to watch (and then discuss the next day!) in the late 80’s.


Who played PONG? We remembered how slow it was and the fact you had to control it with dials! Do you think young people today would think it was cool with its basic black and white screen – we don’t think so!!!


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