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Did you see our ‘Do you Remember’ posts on Facebook this week?  In todays blog we bring them all together for a massive nostalgic memory fest!

Who remembers stacking their singles up on their record player? Back in the day it was the cool way to stream music!!!  If you did 6 songs in a row you thought we were a DJ…


Are you one of the many little girls who used to have one of these cute purses? Many of you did and remember not being able to resist the urge to pick the beads off…!  We think they are adorable and love the fact that modern little girls still love them.


Ahh, the simple pleasure that was Fuzzy Felt.  A childhood favourite for many of you with the farm, fairyland and jungle scenes being big recollections.  Lots of people are now heading to Hobbycraft too as news came out that you can buy new versions there.


We all used to love these when we were little. Definitely a special treat from the sweet shop as it cost more than a few penny sweets.  Definitely one we are glad is still around, how can a yummy sweet that can also play a tune ever be a bad thing?1010091_704403616246396_330242575_n

We all remembered these large collection boxes outside shops…it was a big part of our 70’s memories as they seemed to be everywhere.  You never see them now…sadly they’d probably be stolen 🙁


The R Whites Lemonade advert is now iconic…funny, effective and VERY British.  Look at those great retro nightclothes!  Are you a secret lemonade drinker?   Most of you loved its silly style.1017569_704404646246293_1798195352_n

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