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Todays blog brings together all our Facebook posts this week for our ‘Do you Remember’ feature.  All photos were posted on the Your Vintage Life Facebook page and you added some great comments and memories…

Who remembers loving Funny Feet lollies? Strawberry ice cream on a stick – they melted quickly but that didn’t matter because we ate them quickly!  The joke on the stick was great too! They must have been popular as they have just reissued them…


Hands up who has one of these bags in the 1980s? Did they match your jelly shoes?  Totally impractical as everything small fell out of them through the holes and having to put a carrier bag inside sort of ruined the look.  Ah well, a trend is a trend!!!1620667_693800640640027_1141035296_n

Did your doll have a magic baby bottle? It seemed a staple of Christmas stockings for years if you were a girl.  Remember the milk disappeared as the doll drank from it only to reappear afterwards. It WAS magic!


Nearly everybody had a Swatch in the 1980s…they were designed to be your “second watch”, so some people had 4 or 5!  Affordable, beautifully designed, of the moment and very cool – we tall that perfect!  Giant ones for your walls and Pop Swatches came later and were just as great and we still love them.


An older memory…a whisky vending machine from the 1950s!  Mad Men tells us everyone was drinking and smoking at work from about 10am and we believe them!  Imagine one of these at work now – would definitely help with office stress!!!


Did you curl your hair with Clairol Benders back in the day?  They were the cool way to ‘rag’ your hair and you could sleep in them comfortably…sort of!  Our hair mantra then was the bigger the better, so curls were great once you puffed them up with a ton of Mousse!1621972_693805290639562_1491558488_n

For more nostalgia make sure to check our Facebook page at 12pm every day – we just love reading your comments and if there’s a memory you’d like featured let us know! ‘Like’ our page for lots more vintage inspiration or follow us on Pinterest or Instagram.

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