10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

For many of us in the vintage world we know all about a vintage festival, and in fact go to them regularly. But for many, it is totally new and people can be unsure what to expect, what to wear and how to choose which one to go to! Here are just some reasons to go:

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Great vintage shopping that you won’t be able to resist

My favourite part of any vintage festival is the shopping! All will have some stalls selling vintage fashion, homewares and collectables that you can browse to your hearts content, or like me, buy, buy, buy! Remember that not all businesses have credit card machines so bring some cash as you don’t want to miss out!

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Admire the great vintage festival fashion

If you love vintage fashion like I do, then going to a vintage festival is a must. Take a seat, have a cuppa and just look at all the amazing people dressed in vintage. It’s a people watching dream! Whatever era the festival has embraced, the visitors really make such an effort. Don’t let this put you off going if you don’t have anything to wear though – remember there are always stalls there selling pieces that you can change into. And there are some fabulous vintage inspired fashion online such as The House of Foxy for the ladies and 20th Century Chap for the gents. And it’s OK to go in modern clothing – be comfortable as there is usually a lot of walking (and dancing) to be done.

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Learn how to dance

There is always a chance to dance at a vintage festival with some offering free dance classes. If there are no classes, don’t be shy, grab a partner and give it a go! Be warned, it is pretty addictive but a great way to stay trim and have some fun! Bring some suitable shoes and an open attitude!

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Vintage festivals are great for all ages

What I love about a vintage festival is seeing young and old having a good time together. The older visitors reminisce, the younger ones learn something new; there are not many days out that can boast this!

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

It is a chance to get all nostalgic

There is nothing better than seeing things that trigger wonderful memories from days gone by. From the shopping, to the fashion, you will see things that take you right back. And if you are there with the older generation, chat to them about what it was like when they wore those dresses or danced to that music – share memories that you can keep with you forever. I really regret not doing this with my grandma – I wish I could take her to a vintage festival to see her eyes light up and to hear her memories. So do it!

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

A chance to embrace a new vintage era

Many vintage festivals stick to one era or decade which is great if you are die hard 1940s fan for example. What is great though, is to go along to one that focuses on an era you are less familiar with so you can learn something, and have some new fun dressing up.

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Enjoy vintage toe tapping tunes

Every vintage festival has live music and entertainment which is the perfect backdrop to a great day. Make sure you take the time to stop and listen (or dance) to support them – and again take yourself back in time!

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Learn something new about our history

At many events there are displays which share our countries history, often both World War I and II. On top of that, there are often displays sharing the social history of the time such as what a kitchen looked like back then or old children’s toys. Take the time to look and learn, they are fascinating and a great talking point for the whole family.

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Time to have lots of fun!

Vintage festivals are overall a great day out, filled with things to see and do. They don’t cost the earth to get in, and there is generally so much to do.

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Finally, vintage festivals will inspire you

If you don’t wear vintage fashion before you go, you sure will afterwards. Looking at everything on display will literally fuel your vintage desire and make you want to live and breathe it.

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Salute to the 40s is a vintage festival which you will love,  at the Historic Dockyards Chatham on 16th and 17th September. Described by the Daily Telegraph as one of the “best vintage festivals” you will be transported back in time to the decade of the victory roll and of wartime and thankfully peace time.

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Things to enjoy are the big bad performances from the Glenn Miller Orchestra, best dressed competitions, re-enactments, wartime displays, Air Raid experiences, Spitfire and Hurricane replicas as well as the things you’d expect like dancing and shopping.

10 reasons to go to a vintage festival

Tickets can be bought here with an offer if you buy weekend tickets.

Have fun if you go!


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Photos credits: Nicholas Blake, Chris Pickett and Rikard Osterlund



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