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As ever, it has been a busy week here at Your Vintage Life, but when the weather is hot it seems to make every task seem easier. Team that up with finally wearing my summer vintage floral dresses and peep toe sandals, overall it’s been a great week.

Last Friday I went down to London with my mummy to visit the V&A: finally getting to see the David Bowie exhibition. As she was the person who introduced me to his sounds back in the 1970s, it was apt that we went together. It was excellent, and is not on for much longer so anyone who hasn’t been yet and still thinking about it…GO! His stage costumes were amazing, in amazing colours and styles! His platform boots and shoes reminded me of some of the ones owned by Mr YVL sitting at the back of his wardrobe; left over from his “70s” stage that to be fair hasn’t been seen for about 7 years (since I met him!)

On arrival, we were given headphones to listen to as we visited each room. Listening to a Bowie soundtrack evoked memories as well as remembering how ace he really is. Ace is a bit of an understatement really. Awesome is a better description. More of this in next week’s “We Love…” blog.

We enjoyed a weekend off, sitting in the sun, drinking Pimms (from vintage glasses, naturally) and watching the tennis. I have spent the last few years as a pale lady: choosing not to lie in the sun. Last weekend I did a full U turn and enjoyed catching some rays.

While lying outside, Mr YVL turned up with a package that he found behind the bins. The postman had left it there when we were out on Friday. It was only the advance copy of my book, “Style your modern vintage home”. WOWZERS! After getting married and having my babies, this was one of the most exciting days ever, far better than Andy Murray winning the tennis! It looks great and I now can’t wait for it to be on sale. It can be pre ordered here.

On Monday our first sale on Fab.com started. With weeks of planning and filling out a huge spread sheet, it was great to see it go live at 7pm. With 6 out of 44 products selling before I’d even noticed it had gone live and a third sold before I went to bed, it was well worth the admin. It’s on for a week so grab a piece of Fab mid-century design while you can. Now we are busy wrapping it all up to be sent to Germany and cannot wait until we sell there again.

We’ve been buying again! This week we have bought so much Ercol: 2 sideboards, a day bed and a chair. We love Ercol and its simple design has been embraced in our house; we have the day bed, coffee table, dining table, Quaker chairs and sideboard. We will polish and oil it all up to be on sale next week.

Premises Update! Well we are still moving in and hoping to open our doors in August. It’s half storage, half showroom and customers are welcome to visit by appointment only. Keep watching this space…

Last night we had our first Flash Sale. 10 vintage dresses for £10 each. Our new intern Sarah started the countdown on twitter on Wednesday, building up the anticipation. We sold the first few in only 5 minutes!

Sarah is now on board, blogging, tweeting, pinning; overall doing a great job.  She was chatting away to Katherine Higgins about mid-century furniture while I got on with other stuff…and most importantly I was less stressed this week as some of my workload had been removed. Welcome and Thank you to Sarah x

I have moved over to a personal twitter page (@VintageKateB) so come join me there for a behind the scenes commentary of buying, restoring, being a mummy and general random musings.

On a personal note: Herbie had his sports day. Turns out young children today are not allowed to have competitive races as it’s not nice if they don’t win. Not really equipping them for the real world in my opinion……

And finally, the only things we have bought this week for us is a pile of retro board games. It was great to sit as a family on Saturday playing Frogger!

We hope you have had a great week and make sure you have a fabulous weekend!







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