Our Vintage Buys

We have had a busy week buying vintage treasures to sell. But, as always we have been buying for ourselves too!

This week we have bought 3 exciting vintage things….

Firstly this vintage Tretchikoff print. These were produced for Boots in the 1960s and became a must have on any cool persons wall. They are actually quite collectable today and often costed quite highly.  The print is called The Chinese Girl. We found this on a fellow traders stall at last Sundays Vintage Home Show.

Retro 1960s Chinese girl print

Snapped up for £40 it’s now hanging over our fireplace. It’s slightly darker than usual, clearly looked after as the frame is still in very good condition. The colours look great against our teal wall and red/blue glass.

retro print

Second vintage purchase is these 2 Holmegaard sun catchers. They date from the 1960s and are made in Denmark. They came from a glass business which closed down in the 70s. They have been sitting in their original tissue paper waiting to be bought some 40 years later. We will hang them from a window. We bought a couple more to sell too! And another for a present for a good friend (It could be you!)

vintage danish sun catchers

The light will shine behind the coloured glass and look really pretty. The colours are perfect for our lounge too. (See more of our lounge here)

vintage tricycle

Lastly Mr YVL bought this 1950s vintage kids bike in a toy auction last Saturday. I LOVE IT!!!! Not sure where we will store it as this house is at capacity! I am going to brand it Your Vintage Life at the back so my kids can advertise us at fairs, events and on the streets!

What have you been buying? Which is your favourite of our vintage purchases?


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