Our Fabulous Five: Lets fire up the BBQ!

BBQ season is upon us once again.  Each evening we can smell the smells of great food cooking outside and we want to join in!  For you vintage lovers out there we at Your Vintage Life have pulled together five of our favourite items available at Next.co.uk at the moment to make that meal Al Fresco.  Its shopping time!

1.  Get those sausages sizzling with a multi functional pizza oven, BBQ, grill and fire pit.  We love that this can be used both as a BBQ but also as a fire pit to keep warm for when the eating is done.  With chrome plated cooking grill plus pizza stone, all types of food will get a look in too!


Next multifunctional BBQ and fire pit

2.  We love a retro design and these 1970’s style Miami garden chairs do not disappoint.  Available in black, pink (our favourite) and a fabulous teal colour, we think they’d be a perfect addition to any patio.  They are stackable too for when not in use.


Next Miami garden chair

3.  Bring out the cushions to make your dining a bit more comfortable.  Pile floor cushions onto your deck or grass and add scatter cushions to chairs and create cosy corners with throws.   We think this vintage inspired cushion full of beach related words is just lovely….


Next logo cushion

4.  While the hot food is cooking bring out an adorable picnic hamper and set up a picnic on the grass.  Look out for vintage rugs, plates and glasses to add to the already pretty look.  With its cool bag interior, it will keep food cool for up to 6 hours…you just can’t beat eating outside in the summertime.


Next Butterfly picnic basket

5.  This retro looking drink dispenser is both practical and cute looking and very reminiscent of the jars popular in American in the 1950’s.  Bringing drinks in and out from the kitchen in the summer is always a chore so having it stored while youre outside seems a great idea, plus plastic is the way to go to have drinks outside.  Ours is a homemade lemonade please.

Next drinks dispenser

Next drinks dispenser

Hopefully this little list will of inspired you to get that BBQ going asap.  There’s are huge choice of summer products available from Next now from garden sofas to coasters.  Next day delivery is available as standard as well as international shipping to 72 countries, so there no excuse to not doa spot of cheeky summer shopping!

Written by Sarah Gorlov

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