Our Fabulous Five: May the force be with you!

Sunday 4th May was Star Wars day – a day to celebrate all the amazingness that is the Stars Wars franchise – May the Forth/”May the Force…” get it?  Well, we at Your Vintage Life do not need much to get excited about Star Wars – we are sadly old enough to remember it first time round and we and our kids still love it now. So what to buy, when there’s so much to choose from?  Today we present 5 ideas that we feel sum up what was best about the original trilogy.  All are available on-line now. 1.  There are so many vintage Star Wars toys you can buy and vintage shopping for them can be great fun whether its figures, larger play sets or licenced toys you are after.  Look for items in their original packaging and that include all their original parts.  We love finding something that reminds us of our youth so this early 80’s AT-AT gets us all excited.  Want to play Battle of Hoth?


eBay 1980’s AT-AT in box via booboovintage12

2.  An original retro Star Wars t-shirt has its own kind of cool.  This original tee from the 80’s and its worn in look ticks all the style boxes for us.


Etsy vintage Star Wars tee via retropopmanila

3.  The Star Wars trilogy has three of the most iconic film posters ever.  An original will retail for around £3000-£4000 so invest in a reproduction and then frame it for a piece of art that will always look cool.  We love this version from Hong Kong.


Star Wars poster from easyart.com

4.  We love Lego at Your Vintage Life and the Lego versions of Stars Wars are just brilliant.  You can make everything from a Lego Millennium Falcon right down to a having a R2D2 mini-figure.  You cant beat Jabba the Hut and his palace – we think they will definitely be a collectable of the future!


Lego Jabbas Palace from Lego.com

5.  During the 70’s and 80’s Star Wars became such a hit that licencing was granted to all sort of things.  Did you have the duvet cover and curtains, how about the lunch box and flask, or the sticker album?  All great to buy now and collect, however we bet you didn’t have the Star Wars cook book (and if you did we are very jealous!)  Wookie cookie anyone?!?


Etsy vintage Star Wars book via RareBooks

If you haven’t recently, why not re-watch the trilogy and introduce it to your kids or friends that maybe haven’t seen it…and may the force be with you!!!

Written by Sarah Gorlov

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