We Love…The Body Shop

Everyone of a certain age probably has very fond memories of The Body Shop going back to the late 1970s.. For me, it goes back to the 1980s when it was must go to place for your cosmetics. In a time when I wore a “Meat is Murder” T-shirt I obviously was going to choose a brand with good ethics especially towards animal testing. And so did you! We asked for your memories on Facebook and boy did you share. You remembered the scents, the peppermint foot balm and the dried flowers that were put into the gift sets!


I remember buying white musk fragrance (reckon you were either a white musk or dewberry girl), little sheets of paper to tone down your shine and lip balm….yes, we all had a little pot of lip balm in our school bags, long before Vaseline produced one!

Launched in 1976 by the late Dame Anita Roddick, the brand famously started with recycled bottles: you brought back your empties to be refilled. Turns out it was due to a lack of bottles being bought but the customer loved this, reminding


I love

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