My favourite vintage era

Welcome to our latest blog from some of our fellow friends and colleagues within the vintage business. The topic of conversation is  “My favourite vintage era”.

Todays conversation is with Betty Bee, a fellow blogger who we met through the power of Twitter, while writing for Vintage Life magazine.

Betty and her home-made cocktail bar for Vintage Life mag

So firstly Betty, can you please introduce yourself?

Of course, my name is Betty Bee. I’m a writer, photographer, crafter, momma and tea belly. I also write a daily blog on all aspects of vintage style.

So, you clearly love vintage but which is your favourite decade?

I love the clothes, furniture and general style of the 1950’s although there are aspects of both the 1930’s and 40’s which also capture my imagination. My love of the fifties stems from the feeling of glamour the women of the time exuded. It seems to have been a decade where everyone looked like a film star. I love the idea of normal men and women looking impossibly stylish as they go about their daily lives.

I agree, we seem to lack the desire to get up and get dressed up, all coordinating now. Although in a modern world of school runs and juggling responsibility it can be hard. Is there anything in particular you love about their style?

Being a very curvy lady, the nipped in waists, full skirts and wide belts of the fifties silhouette suit me perfectly and allow me to celebrate my wide hips and big bangers in a way that “modern” clothes just don’t.

I own many, many swing dresses and circle skirts and have recently invested in some very lovely wiggle dresses. These do require proper old-fashioned undergarments though. It’s all about the spanx!

I agree! What about your home..does that also reflect this era?

My own home is more shabby chic than fifties fabulous. I’m a huge collector of vintage china and have some very pretty 1950’s tea cups and teapots which do get used all the time. I also love kitsch dog and cat ornaments from this time and have sourced quite a few on my regular rummages at car boots and attic sales.

Loving the vintage crate shelf

I too love the elongated necked cats! I recently put one on the counter of a charity shop to keep it safe while I browsed the clothing. The lady behind the counter didn’t see it and accidentally snapped its head off! Funny thing was it was The Cats Protection League charity shop. This is no word of a lie!

Interestingly many people into vintage also love the 1950s, but would you actually want to be transported back to this time? Would you really want to be a woman back then?

Whilst I love the clothes and music from the fifties I think a woman’s lot is much easier in the present day. We may think glass ceilings exist in today’s workplace but back then it was more like a concrete bunker and opportunities for women were still quite thin on the ground. I think I have the best of both worlds, the beautiful style of the fifties with all the freedoms of  2012.

I’m sure we could learn a thing or two from them though?

The idea that you can be famous simply for being rather than doing is a modern phenomenon I could live without and I do place quite a high value on good manners which seems to be a dying art sometimes.

Definitely, I cannot really imagine Big Brother taking off in the 1950s, especially with women cavorting about then being famous for it!

Thanks to Betty for sharing your thoughts with us. Check out Betty’s blog which include make up reviews, tips of being self-employed as well as all things vintage. Join her on Facebook, Twitter or why not book her to style you vintage with The Pamper Box or ask her to take photos of your vintage wedding. Boy that’s one busy lady!




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