My Favourite Era: Kiera Buckley-Jones

We haven’t run a “Favourite Era” blog interview for a while. We have some great ones lined up and this one starts the new series with a bang!

We have an interview with Kiera Buckley-Jones, the stylist behind all the fabulous shoots in Homes & Antiques magazine. She styles many of the features including the most recent fabulous one on Norwegian kitchenware (which we are included in so maybe we are a little bit biased!!)

Hi Kiera, what is your favourite vintage era and why?

It’s always been the 1950s, I fell in love with the period when I was a child – I think it was all the pastel colours, the clothes and girly prints. There is a sense of fun and experimentation in the designs of the Fifties. I love the iconic furniture shapes and playful textile designs, which must have been a much-needed antidote to the austerity of the war years.

One of Kiera’s roomsets including our furniture


The fashion is truly amazing isn’t it? What draws you to it?

Again, I think it’s the sense of fun which appeals: the huge skirts and charming textile prints. I have a great Fifties sundress which has illustrations of garden tools and I’m a great fan of Horrockses sun dresses. As much as I’d love to, I don’t tend to wear head-to-toe vintage as it’s not always practical when you’re running around at work.


What about the home styling?

For homewares I tend to collect bits and bobs from our local flea market at Shepton Mallet. I really just buy what draws my attention, which could be anything from deer-shaped salt and pepper shakers to thermos flasks. I live in a house-share so I restrict myself to smaller items to display.

Interestingly many people we have interviewed so far love the 50s  style. Would you really have wanted to live back then though? (even if you could have bought a Horrockses dress new?)

The period is seen to be a frivolous and exciting time in terms of design. Socially, Britain was still recovering from the devastation of the war years, in fact rationing still was in place up until 1954.

During the war other opportunities were open to women, they were called on to work in the fields and munitions factories, role traditionally assigned to men. But the 1950s saw a return to the conservative gender roles, with woman as housewife and mother, and men as the chief breadwinner.

Women of that time didn’t have equal pay and I get the impression you have to of chosen to either pursue a career or a husband. Not that this was true of every individual but it seems your options were more limiting during that time. You could argue that now we have too much choice.

I think we tend to romanticise about the period as it was so stylish but I think the reality without the fabulous clothes and furniture, was a time of poverty and the beginning of social change.

 Pretty pastels

Time was very different back then for women, indeed for everyone. What values could we maybe learn from them?

The era also saw the beginning of consumerism as we know it, the desire for the ‘new’ and we were slowly given more choice. I think it’s interesting now how we hack back to the past, almost wanting to reclaim the innocence and traditional roles of what we see as a ‘simpler’ time. You see this with the explosion of ‘Vintage’.

So for values I would say, the slower pace and simpler expectations..

 I agree with the slower pace thing…I truly wish I had time to do some of the nicer stuff like make bread and deadhead the roses. We juggle so much now, and are always on the go. And when we do sit down we still have a smart phone in one hand so we never really switch off.


Thanks to Kiera. See some of here gorgeous work here. And for a peak at our stock that has her magic styling click here.

 Amazing styling of enamel cookware including some of ours!!


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