Making Vintage Your Business: Displaying your stock

So….you have your stock unloaded from the car, it’s in a pile of boxes and bags on the floor at your local vintage fair. How do you make it look so tempting that a customer can’t resist a purchase?

Remember this is your shop window for the day or weekend- The art of display is important. Make your stall look attractive and you will draw in the customers.

window display 1950s

Ask yourself: are you making the most of the space you have paid for to get the best out of your day? Invest a little time and money in display items that will make your vintage stand out from the crowd.

Here are 4 top tips

1. The table-Create a bit of height; use shelves, small tables, a suitcase or hatboxes to raise your stock and display it at different levels on the table.  It adds interest and increases your display area.

2. The rails-Try putting clothes into colour groups or size order and invest in matching hangers. Most shops do it, so it must work.

clothes shop 1950s

3. The space– Maximise your selling floor space. Do you really need to be sat behind your stand? This creates a wall between you and the customer. It is much better to be out front interacting and looking ready to help, push your table back and open up your space to invite people in.

4. The price-Make sure every item is priced and described so people know what they are looking and how much it is- not everyone will dare to ask.


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