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“The 1950s saw an explosion of pattern after the more conservative prints of the 1940s. During the war there was a shortage of yarn and dye so there were strict rules on what could be produced. Colours were restricted to four and the repeat pattern had to be small to reduce wastage during manufacturing.

After 1951, houses celebrated contrasting designs and colours on the curtains, carpets and walls in reds, yellows and blues. These textiles were seen as modern with abstract shapes, strong repeat patterns and often almost blurry images especially on florals. These were on new fabrics such as spun rayon and barkcloth. Curtains were floor length and unfussy, sofa fabrics tended to be woven with a few coloured flecks in, walls if painted were bright picking out a hue that was in the curtains.” – Style Your Modern Vintage Home

David Whitehead created some amazing fabric, often very vibrant with geometric patterns yet slightly abstract forms. This one is called Toccata and was designed by Robert Tierney in 1959.

David Whitehead Fabric as featured on Kate Beavis.com

We have kept a small piece for ourselves and framed it.

our lounge

This Styling Tip is an easy one to achieve and will add personality to your wall.

“Frame off-cuts of fabric to create great pieces of art. Sew the fabric to a linen backing to ensure it hangs firmly in place. Attach double sided tape to the linen not the fabric and attach to the inside of the frame. This way the vintage fabric is not damaged.”

The designs have influenced other designers ever since. Here are some adverts from Ideal Homes Magazine.




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