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Those of you who follow us here at Your Vintage Life will know we collect CathrineHolm cookware. We have it all out on display in our kitchen on shelves. The colours simply pop out against all the white.

cathrineholm 004

It was featured in Pretty Nostalgic magazine.

pretty notslagic 3

It also featured in Homes and Antiques magazine and in their calendar.

h7a CH

But who is CathrineHolm I hear you ask and where are they from!

“Scandinavian mid century design influenced many areas of our home and is loved for its sleek lines and style. After the war Norway needed to boost its production and economy after years of German occupation, so looked to their own interior and product designers to pave the way. This included new modern cook and tableware. What made them stand out from their neighbours was how they managed to design with both their culture and environment in mind. The end results were stylish pieces in fresh vibrant colours influenced by the fjords yet still with a folksy feel.

Cathrineholm enamel pots and kettles are no exception and are a must have item in your 1960s kitchen. The company produced stoves from the early 1900s but it wasn


I love

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