Last week’s weakness

My weakness is shopping. Actually, not just shopping. My weakness is shopping, thrifting, collecting….I can’t drive past a car boot sale without dropping in, I can’t visit a new town without thrifting through the charity shops, I can’t ignore a sign saying “Garage Sale” be honest I can’t even drive past a skip without meer-catting my neck up to see if there’s any bounty inside.

So maybe I should share with you my fact here is last week’s weakness.

Well we had quite a weekend of thrifting. As we were driving to a local car boot, Mr YVL slammed on the brakes and shouted “SKIP!” I then had to go skip diving…something I usually leave to him. There was an old suitcase in the skip but alas it had a hole in it. So today I won’t be revealing this item to you.

Then at the car boot Herbie spotted some Power Ranger toys and basically whined the whole way round….”Muuuuuummmmmmmy! Can I have a Power Ranger toy pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!”. In the end I relented and told him if he paid for it then yes he could.

So he did and 4 new toys still in its packet were  purchased. We got it home, cut up the packaging to get into it…and all their arms fell off! Yes, don’t ever feel you are getting a bargain if it sounds too good to be true. So now I have 4 multi coloured plastic men and 8 arms to trip over in my hall. Turns out to be a great buy as Herbie has played with them non stop since, and even slept with them last night.

So, now on to the real gem. We went to a local antique, collectables emporium that specialises in 1940s clothing. It’s a real treasure trove. I tried on loads of hats which none fitted. My YVL tried on some 50s shoes.

Then I peered through the rail of fur to see if there were any bargains that I could sell on. Then I noticed this gem. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Turns out I had not brought out any money and they didn’t take credit cards (sort this out please!)…so Mr YVL had to buy it for me. Bingo!

I love it so much. The faux fur is in great condition. The colour is a rich mink…really unusual and looks beautiful with the black.

I love the buttons the most….they are so eye-catching. Elastic folds over the buttons meaning there are no button holes. It’s a classic 60s shape, slightly A line which looks grate with long black boots.

The neckline has a hook and eye fastening to create a black round neckline.

It is beautifully made by Lister Minquilla which sounds foreign. It is in fact made in England. The label says “This elegant garment should be treated with care and worn as a luxury coat”. Is the nursery run classed as a luxury pastime?

Let me know what you think? Am I now the smartest girl in town?


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  1. 31 January 2012 / 3:00 am

    Hi yourvintagelife, I love your blog!

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