Kitty’s vintage rag doll

I have never been so excited to share one of my childrens Christmas presents on the blog. Today a handmade doll arrived through the post for Kitty and my oh my, it’s beautiful!

vintage doll

It is made by a local company called Mummy’s Little Stars and Angels. We met at the MK Handmade and Vintage fair last September where I ordered one for her. Truth be told, I spent all weekend deciding which one to go for…brown hair or blonde, shoes or no shoes, wide circle dress or straight, green eyes or blue…..?

I chose this little beauty as her eyes are stunning. I love the way her hair curls down one side.

vintage fabric

The owners and makers are Harriette and Kyrie. They have lovingly used my vintage fabric that were off cuts from a stool that came from my late aunts house. It was the same fabric that was used years ago to cover the dressing table stool.

vintage 50s furniture

To see the rest of Kitty’s room click here.

She matches Kitty’s room perfectly and will sit on the fireplace alongside another rag doll…a true vintage one.



I will be saving other vintage fabric for more dolls as I’m sure you will agree, she is beautiful. Especially with these inbuilt leggings!

vintage doll


She cost only


I love

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