A Vintage Jar Full of Goals

As the year draws to a close, we are all talking about how we want to change and what we want to achieve in  2015. Whether it is a New Year’s resolution (lose weight, save money, blah, blah, blah) or writing a wordy business plan for the year ahead, we all agree that 2015 will be amazing and better than 2014.

vintage office study by Kate BeavisBut does this really work? Setting a load of goals in the week between Christmas and January 1st makes us excited for the year ahead but do we actually go on and achieve all of it? And more importantly, do we sustain it? When 1st January 2016 arrives will we be wanting the same thing all over again?

Thanks to a Facebook post by David Wolfe, I began to have another idea. I, like he has, have made a jar of goals. His idea is to fill a jar with coloured paper with your dreams and business strategy on each one. Then at the end of the year, you open them up and see if you have achieved them.

vintage office study by Kate BeavisWhile this is a great idea, it may open us up to failure. For example, if I write that I want my website to be further up the google ranking (which I do by the way) will it happen just because I’ve written it down?

vintage office study by Kate BeavisSo I’ve added a twist to David’s idea. I have filled my jar (a lovely vintage La Parfait one of course) with 3 different coloured pieces of paper. There are 12 green ones and 12 blue ones. Each month I will draw out a piece of each and achieve that task for that month ahead. Hopefully I may repeat the task again and again, or maybe the task will make my life a little bit different/better.

vintage office study by Kate BeavisThe blue ones are business related. They may be about achieving more or maybe about helping someone else to. Such as forming a collaboration, writing a very personal blog post and  even deleting old files (which I am rubbish at!).

The green ones are personal goals. Think – giving my time for charity, overcoming a  fear, learning a new craft. All of which will stimulate my brain outside of work but also hopefully help me to achieve my overall goals for 2015.

vintage office study by Kate BeavisThen finally the grey ones are what I wasnt to achieve which I will open up at the end of the year. I’ve tried to make these a bit more general than I would normally. So I want to increase my blog readers, my google ranking, create a great wedding business network…..and many more but I wouldn’t want to share all of these with you would I?

vintage office study by Kate BeavisSo why don’t you have a go…create a jar of goals and dreams…..then go make them happen.

vintage office study by Kate BeavisHappy New Year everyone, let’s make 2015 the best year yet! And if you need any help with writing your business strategy then check out our workshops for Vintage Academy, held in London. Can’t get to London? Then why not have one to one coaching with me?

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