How to throw the perfect 50’s vintage dinner party

Everyone knows that British cuisine has improved with every passing decade, but there is no harm in looking back and throwing a party that emulates the perfect manners and elegance of a bygone age; especially when that age is the 1950s.

The basics

As with any party, good planning is vital. If the hostess or host is going to be doing all the cooking, consider how many guests are going to be manageable. There is no point inviting 20 people or more, if the kitchen can only handle cooking for eight. Also, the host/hostess is going to want to spend some time with their guests and not spend the entire evening in the kitchen.


The best time of year for a vintage dinner party has got to be the summer; the ladies dresses are just designed for warm weather. It is also a good time of year in regard to table decorations, as they can include flowers picked fresh from the garden.


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