Have a cracking easter!

Here is our latest article for Vintage Life magazine called “Have a Cracking Easter”.


As Easter is this month, we have turned our heads to thoughts of eggs……chocolate ones, dippy soldier ones, even hard boiled, painted ones. Now is the time to get your bonnets on and plan your Easter holiday, combining all that eating with all things vintage.

The perfect Easter Day starts with a hand painted egg and toasted soldiers. Place the colourful egg inside a 1930s Heatmaster stainless steel egg cup, underneath its cover. I get up early with the children to paint eggs laid by our chickens; they love to see their father’s face when he unveils their masterpieces! Tupperware produced their version in the 1970s so choose this one for a more retro look.


If you don’t have time to paint an egg, make sure you still eat them, maybe with a hot cross bun dripping with butter. Brighten up your plate with some of our favourite vintage egg cups. They date from the 1950s through to the 1970s and are mainly made from melamine.

Then it is gift giving time! Why not choose vintage presents to accompany the chocolate? How about a china chicken filled with chocolate eggs? We have white ones, brown ones and even a yellow glass one which we use to store real eggs in all year round. Don’t the coloured foils really stand out against the white ceramic?


Or how about a vintage coffee cup filled with a simple chocolate egg?  Yes, we know the egg only just fits inside….surely the bigger the chocolate the better!

Fill a vintage bone china tea cup with hand-made chocolate truffles, rolled  into egg shapes with your hands. Don’t worry if they are not perfect – they taste so good no one will care! Add a ribbon bow and a home-made card for the perfect detail.


Or why not put them in a vintage chocolate or sweet tin. These old Quality Street tins are perfect or maybe a Coronation tin for this Jubilee Easter.


So everyone’s had their gifts and now it’s time for the children (and grown ups) to enjoy the annual Easter egg hunt. Hide them all over the garden, remembering to use a vintage basket to collect them in! We do love a basket; for the shopping, picking the home-grown veg and flowers into and of course for collecting chocolate eggs!! We will need a few more eggs to fill this beauty….


It is traditional to have a big family dinner served from your best china. In years gone by, the whole set would only be used at Christmas and Easter…why not follow this tradition by laying a formal table and serving your vegetables from vintage tureens? Choose 1950s pastel colours for a true spring feel.


Then for the Easter cake! Whether it’s a whole Simmel cake or tiny cup cakes make sure you display it on a vintage cake stand. We have chosen a simple, elegant white bone china one with gold edging to really show off the yummy cakes. Add  hand painted decorations  to the display.  These ones are wooden and designed to hang from a plant or tree. They reminded us of Christmas decorations and are perfect for decorating the cake with. Choose simple hand-picked spring flowers for an alternative.

Then, what to do next?

We reckon after lunch it’s time to sit back and eat all that lovely chocolate….all afternoon!


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  1. 4 April 2012 / 10:16 pm

    oh my!!!! Tupperware egg cups!!!! I haven’t seen those for years. my mum only had one maybe two left when I was a kiddy in the 80s and I used to play with them as they reminded me of boats =) have a great Easter.

    • Your vintage life
      4 April 2012 / 10:29 pm

      Yes they are great arent they? We have chickens therefore loads of eggs so ours are used daily! Happy easter to you too!

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