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Easter will soon be upon us and Grandma is on her way over to stay. This normally would be a great occasion but there’s no room at the moment. Putting our thinking caps on, there’s only one solution bar raising the attic for an additional floor and that is to convert the spare room which at the moment houses old paperwork, the clutter of vintage dresses, handbags, jewels, as well as Christmas decorations!

It’s time to gather round the troops and see who can help out. There are all the paintings and books that won’t be used or read, so it’s time for an early spring clearance. The kids can arm themselves with rubbish bags, and take them to the charity shop or the local library that are always in need of extras. The paintings can also be offered. Probably best to select a couple for the walls but there’s no need any further clutter. It’s easy to collect objects and paraphernalia over the years, especially when there are many of you living together and growing! All the clothes, the collection of toys, the knick-knacks and don’t forget the paperwork including all the old technology that you think you may re-use one day: recycling is the way to manoeuvre your life and inspire the next generation. No more waste!

Start thinking of the room as future accommodation that can be re-used by many visitors. For this effect, to make that room a success, keep to neutral colours and tones, adding any dramatic colours as a point of reference such as the throw on the bed. The room should feel light and harmonious, allowing for an atmosphere of reflection and calm since the guest will want to feel welcome. The colours to emanate this sensation are creams with a touch of warmth to them such as oranges or reds.


A comforting way to introduce colour is to have a rug, vintage or modern by the bed, firstly as a warm spot in the morning for feet or at night. By the bed, place a bed-side table for their personal effects with a reading lamp that is easy to reach. Have enough pillows to prop your guest up and enjoy a long read. Maybe add a vintage eiderdown for a cosy feel. We featured a lovely vintage spare room in our book, Style Your Modern Vintage Home pictured below which really has embraced this feel.

vintage spare room

picture courtesy of Simon Whitmore for FW Media, “Style your modern vintage home” by Kate Beavis (moi!)

When looking at the room from the bed, the colours will be warm and home-like, with the curtains having a tinge of the colour with some neutral tones that will be reflecting throughout the bed-room. The light from the lamps, will combine well too. Choose something simple and timeless that will compliment all styles and tastes. One site in particular that specialises in all is LampCommerce. 



There should be a wardrobe that will include shelving and drawers. A nice touch is to line the drawers with vintage wallpaper or a scented lining, keeping a fresh feel as the doors are opened.

Now that the scene is set for the imminent arrival, you cannot go wrong with a vase of beautiful seasonal flowers to enhance the look as well as the scent of the room. They should not overpower the room either but have a discreet perfume that will allow for Grandma to relax in a room that is as close to her own form of comfort but with that added zest of travel know-how.







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