Get the Look: Our Vintage Christmas Home

We’re finally getting round to decorating our home for Christmas and it’s definitely a vintage affair. We sell lots of vintage decorations all year so sometimes it can be hard to decide which ones to keep. Most of our items have been collected for many years however with some having been in our family for years.

We have 2 trees with 2 very different looks. The lounge/diner at the back of the house is open plan with the kitchen also. This is decorated with family in mind especially the children.

vintage christmas 1

The colours are very bright; a mixture of all colours with red, orange and green focused on so they co-ordinate with our  homewares. The tree is green and the baubles are glass.

On top of the tree is a fairy doll with mohair hair and organza skirt.

fairy vintage christmas angel

We hang presents on the tree with riddles attached- the answer to the riddle is the name of the person the present is for. My grandma used to do this every year and we have continued the tradition. It is important to me to carry on these ideas, to make traditions and fond memories for my children.

vintage christmas 7

So we also have a “guess how many sweets are in the jar” competition.

vintage christmas 9

And the vintage wooden bagatelle is out. I always won this as a child every year (maybe with a little cheating) and it looks like our daughter, Kitty, is going the same way.

vintage christmas 13

Sweets are everywhere, loaded into 1960s glass.

vintage christmas 10

Garlands are hung from the windows with folding honeycomb balls..these were my Great Aunts.

xmas shoot furniture 009

This year I finally made a wreath from glass baubles.

vintage christmas 2

And this theme is carried onto table decorations.

vintage christmas 14

vintage christmas 4

These wooden vintage people are out on display mixed with modern versions.

vintage christmas 15

The wooden angels were also my Great Aunts.

vintage christmas 5

The front lounge/dining room is an adult space so the look and feel is very different. The theme in this room is very 1970s with brass, blue and red homewares and dark teak furniture. We have chosen a white tree to match the Arkana table and covered it in matching glass decorations.

xmas shoot furniture 010

xmas shoot furniture 013

xmas shoot furniture 012

The angel here is much older.

xmas shoot furniture 011

We sold a lot of retro 1960s/70s wrapping paper this year but kept a bit back for ourselves.

vintage christmas 11

I like this room to be a bit more traditional so we have added holly from the tree outside. This sits nicely in our Czech bubble vase.

vintage xmas holly

My favourite item of all though is our spinning brass cherubs….every year we love to listen to the gentle chime bells ringing. Again this has been in my family for years.

vintage xmas candle

It’s such a joy to decorate our home with family treasures as well as some new treasures especially the ones made by my children, such as this sparkly blue one.

vintage christmas 16

Next Thursday we will be featuring your vintage homes decorated for Christmas. Send in your photos and hopefully we will feature your home!



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  1. 12 December 2013 / 3:48 pm

    I love the idea of the riddle presents in the tree. I did some presents last year with gift tags that had sherlock on them and the tag said “you could deduce the sender & recipient from the wrapping if you’d just observe”. I thought it was great, but it was not as well received as I would have hoped, I guess I am the only sherlock geek in our family. Maybe I should try it your way instead (plus it goes with our vintage theme a bit better).
    I how you have done your trees in vintage ornaments, though I have to say I was distracted by the first picture with all of the green outside your house LOL. It is just weird for me seeing all that green and Christmas trees at the same time 🙂

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