Friday’s Finds

Here is a round-up of all the fab things that have inspired us this week:

 another Gil Evgren lovely

We found this gorgeous blog called A Beautiful Mess full of craft ideas, vintage dresses, recipes and interior design. It comes from the ladies behind Red Velvet. We love the design of this blog…makes me dream of a pretty looking blog for us. Their outfit photos are fun and bright, the DIY garden hanging baskets are a great idea….I could go on! Check them out here.

Another great blog we found is called Sammy Davis Vintage. This week they wrote an informative post about how to date vintage. While much is American based, I’m sure you will find this a help if you buy vintage or sell it. Check them out here.

Here at Your Vintage Life there is an air of wedding fever! Our outdoor wedding is looming and final decisions are being made. Photos that have inspired me, from Pinterest and Google are these:

Flowers in vintage tins. I LOVE a tin especially as my parents owned a tinware company from the 70s through to the 90s and these look amazing with bunches of pretty flowers in. I’m sure this will appear somewhere at our do. The photo is from Martha Stewart who let’s face it is the master of DIY ideas for all occasions.

These simple flowers in hanging bottles is also a great idea and will look stunning dangling from the trees. Hmmmm so many ideas how will I choose?

Thankfully Mr YVL isn’t a football fan so we are allowed to watch other stuff! A great new programme started this week called Turn Back Time- The Family about life and society in the 20th century. 3 families go back in time to live the life their predecessors would have with surprising results. It started in 1901 with 3 classes of families: they dressed the part, worked the part even down to sharing a bed on the floor and using a pot to pee in! What was interesting was the working class family who had nothing, grew closer together as a family where as the upper class family with their nanny were utterly miserable. Plus the role of women back then was rubbish..if you were rich you were lonely with nothing to do, if you were poor you worked yourself to the bone. Next week is the roaring 20s leading up to the Wall Street Crash which looks great. BBC 1 Monday 9.00: set your videos! Check it out here

And finally, we have discovered this great eye liner pen from Barry M. Thanks to the fabulous Betty Bee we ended up shopping late night online for this must have item. Easier than a standard eye liner, it is simple to apply even on those early pre school run mornings!

Here’s her VLOG which made me spend!



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