Festive Five: The best buys for your vintage Christmas dinner table

Christmas dinner – its got to be the best part of Christmas day hasn’t it?  Yes, it takes some planning but laying the table with all your special pieces of china and tableware, sitting down with people you love (and maybe don’t get to eat dinner with them as often as you’d want) and enjoying all those traditions is really wonderful.  As vintage lovers we love to dress our Christmas table to the max, bringing out our favourite vintage pieces and treasured heirlooms.  In todays blog we show you our favourite 5 items available online now.

1.  To make that table look extra special a table runner and placemats really add a great touch.  Used with or without a table cloth they can highlight your colour theme or add interest to a plain and simple table.  They also serve as a handy protector for tables that will be laden with goodies.  We love this set of retro Swedish ones from Etsy.

Etsy vintage runner and placemat set via MEMsArtShop

Etsy vintage runner and placemat set via MEMsArtShop

2.  There can be no traditional Christmas dinner without Turkey, and to serve such an unusually large item a platter is key.  Choose something that can become a family heirloom such as this Royal Doulton beauty, for these type to items we always think a traditional look is the best.

 Vintage Royal Doulton Turkey platter via plkom

Vintage Royal Doulton Turkey platter via plkom

3.  We love pulling a cracker at YVL and these luxury Tatty Devine crackers are just amazing.  Yes, they are quite expensive but you end up with 6 Tatty Devine necklaces (the charms are on the outside of the cracker) so we reckon they pay for themselves!

Tatty Devine luxury crackers

Tatty Devine luxury crackers from tattydevine.com

4.  There’s something about having a special lunch or dinner that makes you want to light candles.   For some there’s the religious significance, for some a link to times gone by and for others its just a thing that looks beautiful.  Whatever your view, having a selection of candlesticks, a candelabra or tea light holders on the table just makes everything feel so much more special.  We love this simple idea to use tea-lights with vintage decanters and bottles.  Just slot the tea-light into the shaded glass tea-light holder and then use with any vintage item with a neck that you like!

Shaded tealight holders via REfound

Shaded tealight holders via REfound Objects

5.  When you light that Christmas pudding at the end of the meal, you need a great cake stand to carry it out on.  Watch your guests faces as they see one of the most dramatic parts of the meal carried out on a beautiful glass stand.  Plus cake stands take up less room so will fit on your crowded table with ease.  Now, who’s for seconds?

Art Deco cake stand via Your Vintage Life

Art Deco cake stand via Your Vintage Life

So, enjoy that special meal however you’re doing it this Christmas day.  Take lots of photos, make your own traditions and eat, drink and be very merry!  If you create a vintage inspired Christmas table you’re proud of share the photos with us via Twitter – we love to share the best with our followers.  We at Your Vintage Life hope you have an absolutely wonderful Christmas.



Written by Sarah Gorlov. 


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