Do You Remember?

It has been another great week looking back to the past and remembering! All images were shared on Facebook and you guys shared your memories.

Firstly it was Mork and Mindy. Turned out you all loved this programme especially Mindy!

Next up was the iconic 1970s toys called Girls World. I had it one Christmas in the late 70s…and I loved it!

Who remembers Charlie perfume? I bought it every year for my mummy..turns out you did too!

Then there was Dukes of Hazard. Both myself and Mr YVL wrote to Jim’ll Fix It to ride in their car!

Who collected rubbers in the 1980s? It seems lots of you did as memories were shared on the subject!

Finally who loved Farrah’s hair? or just Farrah? We did and so of course did you!


I love

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