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It has been a great vintage loving week again remembering all the we loved when we were younger!  All the photos were posted on the Your Vintage Life Facebook page and you guys added some great comments.

Who couldn’t live without the Kids from Fame? The show, the album, the dancing, the leg warmers! We loved Doris and fancied Leroy and wanted to be friends with Danny and Bruno.  Altogether now:  High Fidelity, High – High Fidelity!  An 80’s vintage classic way before Glee tried it! 


Remember when for a treat you were taken to The Wimpy Bar? Knickerbocker glories, Brown Derbys and of course hamburgers (way before anyone had heard of a McDonalds).  The adverts promised waitress service and a proper knife and fork…and kids got given a badge too! 


Who watched TV for so long that the test card came on? Can you actually imagine that TV ended back in the day??  And the noise…



At school everyone loved making these fortune tellers (or chatterboxes) and playing with your friends.  You could write nice fortunes or horrid ones…the kids at my school did like a rude one too!   Now, pick and number, pick a colour…1469912_674803432539748_432871100_n


Remember listening to music on the HiFi? Record player, tape deck and radio all in one…and a CD player if you were really lucky.  Plus room to store your music too behind those cool glass doors.   1474519_674105985942826_1724784148_n

While the girls were reading Jackie, the boys that had grown past comics were all reading Look In. With the Smurfs and the Incredible Hulk on the cover who could blame them – hey it was the junior TV Times!


Another week of great memories.  For more nostalgia make sure to check our Facebook page at 12pm every day – we just love reading your comments!  ‘Like’ our page for lots more vintage inspiration or follow us on Pinterest or Instagram.




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